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Coleslaw recipe

How to make the creamy coleslaw recipe

In few, very easy steps, you will learn the perfect creamy coleslaw recipe. This is your kfc kind of coleslaw recipe. Coleslaw is a mixture of vegetables. It is easy to prepare. It is one of the healthy foods we can eat in our daily diet. It reduces fat and it’s good for weight loss.

What most of us call vegetable salad is not usually the right one. We just usually bring together a few ingredients like cabbage and carrots and call it vegetable salad which is not.  Coleslaw is just a mixture of cabbage and carrots and can be dressed in salad cream.

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Ingredients for Creamy Coleslaw

1. Cabbage
2. Carrot and
3. Cream (Mayonnaise)
4. Warm water and
5. Salt.

How to make coleslaw

1. Remove the outer layer/covering of the cabbage.
2. Slice into small and tiny pieces


3. Put in warm water for about 5-6 minutes adding a little bit of salt

4.Wash and scrape the brownish or outer layer of the carrot
5. Grate carrot

6. Wash and drain carrot,  drain cabbage and mix the two together.

7. Mix together with the cream (Mayonnaise) and serve with your jollof rice or refrigerate before serving.  It’s so delicious


1. You can refrigerate your coleslaw before serving without putting cream already. You can also keep the left over in the fridge till you need it.

Photo credit with steps: Wives connection

Main Photo credit: Food Network

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