common slangs in nigerian chatting

Full Meaning of Common Slangs Used in Nigerian Chatting

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Today is Friday and we are hoping to catch fun with some of the abbreviations we use here in Nigeria. While some of the acronyms are used worldwide as well, some of the others are used only in Nigeria and that’s because they have the full meaning in pidgin English.

Except for the unnecessary short words that people abbreviate like k, sup, hy, I love these other ones because of all of the fun they add to chatting as a whole. Of course, some of them are usually exaggerated though.

Nigerian social media has changed sha. Do you remember my post on annoying things people say on social media? Of all of them, I hate “k” the most. Not even after I have written an epistle should you use “k” for me. Hia!

Let’s just roll in some weekend fun. Please add your own list of common abbreviations Used in Nigerian chatting in the comments section, I will add the whole lot I know.

What is the meaning of LWKM?

LWKM means Laugh Wan Kill Me. This is when something is so funny that you cannot help but uncontrollably laugh.

What is the meaning of LWKMD?

LWKMD means Laugh Wan Kill Me Die! This is used when something is extremely funny and the height of laughter is enough to cause some figurative sudden death. This one is the advanced form of LWKM. Naija, ndi overdo. We don’t do things in moderacy and this is why we are just awesome o.

What is the meaning of LOL?

LOL means Laughing Out Loud. Let me not forget to mention that this is the most abused of all of the common slangs in Nigeria. I would like to think that LOL is also used in lazy conversations.

You are chatting with someone and because you are trying to avoid an in-depth conversation, you LOL.

And then some years ago, another sect of jobless humans began to propagate a lot of nonsense about LOL.

They claimed that the full meaning of LOL is Lucifer Our Lord. People of God, the frequency with which people used the LOL that was so dear to us reduced o.

Anything can sell in this Nigeria.

Other notable/common slangs used in Nigeria

ITK means I too know
SMH means shaking my head
SSMH means seriously shaking my head
WDH means wetin dey happen
NDH means notin dey happen
FMJ means free me jo
MIDG means make i dey go
WGYL means we go yarn later
TTYL means Talk to you later
YOLO means you only live once
BRB means Be right back
UNGKM means u no go kill me
ROTFL means rolling on the floor
BFF means Best Friends Forever
BTW means by the way
ATM means at the moment
TFY means thunder faya you

I found some other popular slangs here though.

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