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How to combine blogging with a full time job

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manage your blog with a full time hustle

Blogging with a full-time job requires an amount of devotion you might never have to bother to have if it was another side hustle. I mean, blogging can be a full-time job on its own. Let me rephrase that, serious blogging can be a full-time job on its own.

Now, here is what I don’t mean by serious blogging – blogging every second. Here’s what I mean by serious blogging – consistently posting quality content on your blog. If you blog only once in a week (consistently) and you put some thoughts and work into your posts, you are a serious Blogger. Same as if you blog every second, twice a week or every day.

Before you hit the publish button, you know that you have to have a blog post idea (which may be easy or hard for you depending on your current motivation level), write about it, probably research while writing, add resources, edit and then publish. This is another different ball game if you are, for example, a fashion Blogger.

You need to go for your photo shoot and that’s after you must have brainstormed on how to get the outfit and how to make sense of your OOTD blog post.

This doesn’t end here, you need people to read this perfect work you have created, you need blog traffic, so you begin to look for blog readers. Yes, very unfair. A Blogger is a writer, sometimes a photographer,  a marketer, a social media manager, I mean, everything. Very unfair, I know.

Isn’t that why blogging, serious blogging is a full-time job on its own? And now you have to combine all of this with a full-time job. You don’t even want to hear me whine, why? My blog even has its own side hustle. I have to design blogs, consult and manage social media pages for people. Don’t judge me, money will not make itself, you know. So, we are looking at a full-time job with another full-time job with its own side hustle.

This is why I think I am the right person to listen to if you are looking to balance your blogging with your full-time job. I have had to switch in between jobs as a Blogger and I understand what if feels like to first find a balance at your new job and then keep up the momentum.

5 Tips to help you successfully run a blog with a full-time job

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how to blog with a full time job

Plan stuff ahead

I know you have heard this from me times without number, schedule, plan, organize etc. I say that if you want to be a consistent Blogger in the first place, you have to schedule.

A blog planner really works if you are comfortable with writing things down. You can buy blog planners from stores or order online. You can also download blog planners as organizers online. There are different apps to help you organize yourself.

It’s possible that you are not the planning, writing, strategizing type. Now, this is what matters – having your blog at the back of your mind. What you can do is tell your blog readers how frequently you are going to write. It will give you a sense of duty to your blog. Then, mentally plan towards fulfilling that promise.

How can your phone work for you?

In the course of juggling in between a demanding full-time job and an active blog with active social media handles, I have learned how to use my phone.

I write this blog post on my phone as we speak and if I don’t have to work on Canva for the image, chances are that I am going to edit, put finishing touches and even publish with my phone. Yes, I do phone blogging a lot.

Let me quickly digress, I hope it’s relevant anyway. I was to send in an article to someone (older, in age and digital marketing experience) to edit. I had decided on the topic right there as we discussed our strategy. My journey back home would take 2 hours approximately, Lagos traffic and all. The writing gods decided to bless me with inspiration and in an hour plus, I was done with this article.

I forwarded this to him for edit and he was impressed. We had cause to see on another day and he asked how quickly I was able to pull that off. I hinted that I had done that job on the go, on my phone and everything changed. He said to me, ‘if you want to keep on working for me,  you have to get a system’. Of course, I could get a system in minutes but it was plain unnecessary. I was doing no design, nothing, I was only going to write and that I pulled off with my editing apps combined. I didn’t even need to full-time edit.

You see, as a Blogger, you have to be sure what works for you! If phone blogging will make your balancing blogging with your full-time job work, why not? Why too serious on the system, lol. You can write on your phone and then finish up on your system if you have to.

You can edit your already published posts on the go, respond to blog comments, post on social media and respond to comments while you are free, on your phone. Your break time at work, in-between free times, after work, on the bus etc. Yes, it’s hard work, actually.

People personally ask how I pull it off here on the blog and on my social media handles like I am a robot. If I had to tell them that I even manage other social media handles and do blogging side hustle, they would probably conclude that I am the robot they thought I was.

It’s hard work, believe me. My sleep hours are sometimes drastically reduced, I have a 2% offline social life and etc. This should be another post actually. My struggle to finally settle into full time blogging should be another blog post.

So, how is your smartphone going to work for you? Consider that.

Take it easy on yourself

This is probably the last thing you imagined you would hear me say. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s your blog, remember? You have full rights on it, you are working for no one, so nobody’s going to spank you.

There are days that work got so overwhelming and I just couldn’t pull it off here. We had a very important upgrade to make on our website at work and the switch was time-consuming. It was at this point that I had a crazy surge of blogging clients approach me.

For many of the things I had to handle, I couldn’t outsource them, they needed my own knowledge and expertise. So, I took things slowly and gradually began to tick things off my list. I waded back in slowly to my blog when things were lighter.

What I am saying in summary here is that it’s fine if you can’t meet up with the demands for a season. You’re already superman for even attempting to work ‘two’ jobs, so, easy.

Allow guest posting on your blog

You’ll be surprised how many people would love to write for your blog. Trust me, some folks want to increase their visibility online, learn the art of blogging and generally equip their writing skills. Some just need your audience to connect with.

Openly announce on your blog and on social media that you accept guest posts. This will help to greatly relieve a lot of writing. Be sure to run submitted posts through anti-plagiarism software. Also, make sure that these posts are tailored to your audience and that they won’t put off your average blog reader.

Batch write

Let’s face it, there are times when there is some free time on our hands. Instead of binging on Netflix, we can take some time out to write posts and save in our drafts. Obviously, posts stem from ideas, so what you can do is try to keep ideas as soon as they come to you. As soon as you are able to develop them, write and save. Batch writing helps to take the pressure off from you.

Do you have a full-time job, how do you manage to pull it off with your blog?

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