Clearing Acne In 5 Days With Easy DIY Mask

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The struggle to look good and maintain a smooth face for those with naturally problematic face is hard. ?

Looking at my face in the mirror was a sad thing, selfies were a no?, it was a battle with numerous products that seem to compound my problem. Every soap was a hit, back to back, still acne no go, DIY mask ti take over. ?

That said, I stumbled on a post via Facebook where a friend talked about her husband’s face being problematic and all. It took them my kitchen recipes to mix in the mask and that was all. I was quite surprised. I didn’t want to try it too because I was tired of using my face as a laboratory rat.

Well, it was a mixture of egg white, cinnamon powder and honey. That’s all it takes.

 Beat ½ tablespoon of cinnamon into one egg white and a tablespoon of honey.
Apply the mask on the face for 15mins morning and night, then wash off.
The result is almost instant, in the sense that it opens up pores, dries up acne and regulates blood and oxygen flow on the face.

Naturally my face is an oil well, it helped in controlling my oils too, and my spots are greatly reduced.

I used this just for 5 days and I had results.

So, what do you think? You wanna try sometime? Please share your testimonials with us.

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Wow

    Where do I get cinnamon powder and do I do one mixture for the entire week…#gosh or a mixture per round

    1. Good day dear. You can get cinnamon from any spice store. Or if you're in Lagos, around the island, there's one aboki around Tom Jones that sells.
      The mixture lasts for 3days.

    2. Alright

  2. I already have a cinnamon honey mixture. I guess I can add egg to whatever quantity I want to use.

    1. Exactly. Shey you will let us know the results?

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