How Christians in Lagos can Build a Stronger Spiritual Life

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Christians in Lagos

If you live in Lagos and you are a Christian, you have experienced dryness, void and spiritual emptiness at a point in your Christian walk. I know the struggle. I also know how we look away and pretend like it is all good and great, no fuss, we will catch up with the Word later. Christians in Lagos are especially at war! Lol.

What’s worse is our tenacious focus on the things of the world and the fleeting accompaniment. Like I was reading during my quiet time today in the book of Job, we focus on the non important things and magnify them. It’s like banking on a spider’s web! I understand, we will pay the bills. Yes, we need to put food on the table.
So, this is a little bit confusing. How do I hustle for my living, fulfill my purpose, satisfy my boss and/or client, satisfy my spouse and still fuel my pursuit for God. I deeply love God and want to spend more time with him but how do I do this?
Ife Grace’s blog post is what you need to read right now. I go to that blog to recharge spiritually. I was on it this morning to catch up on posts that I have not read and I saw her post on how Christians in Lagos can build a stronger spiritual life. This blog post is in essence an urge to read the tips she prepared. Number 9 was definitely for me.
I also think that her blog is worth bookmarking. It is so anointed. I have personally told her how much her blog has blessed me but I have not told her that it is anointed.

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