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Should You Narrow Down to a Blogging Niche or not?

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This is another way of announcing on the blog that I have
finally narrowed down my blogging niche to Blogging. If you follow me on
Facebook and Instagram, you already know. I want to thank you for making the
transition both possible and very easy on me.
Before I go into this post proper and conclude safely, I
want to tell you a story.
When I started blogging, I started out as a personal
Blogger. I talked about myself and my personal experiences. I just wanted a
safe online haven. I wanted a place to share my thoughts, express myself, teach
a life lesson or two and find support.
I had a very hard time growing up and my blog served all of
the purposes I wanted it to. When I began to grow as a Blogger, I realized that
I could do so many other things with my blog. In 2015, I made the switch to
lifestyle Blogging. I should make a blog post on the difference between
Lifestyle and Personal Blogging.
So, I transitioned into Women Lifestyle Blogging. It was
great for a while until I felt the need to connect again with my blog readers
like I used to when I was a personal Blogger. I switched from Women Lifestyle Blogging
into Personal Lifestyle Blogging.
That also was a beautiful ride, one of my best so far. I
wrote whatever the heck I wanted to. I was able to connect deeply with my blog
readers. I made a lot of beautiful relationships. Oh my, my blog is a blessing
to my entire life, I must say.
People began to yearn so much for my Blogging posts. Of
course, because it was a personal lifestyle blog and blogging was and is a very
huge part of my life, I made blogging posts alongside others. Many Bloggers
began to reach out to me.
If I hadn’t posted a post on Blogging in a while, I would
begin to get emails, Facebook inbox messages and comments on my social media
handles. This was confirmed by the kind of interaction I got on these posts.
I had already launched the business side of my blogging
which is blog consultation, design and blog management. And so, I decided. This
is it! I finally found it. It would make more sense to monetize if I can give
this kind of value.
I began the switch gradually until I finally announced to my
friends and followers on social media. Now, this is my own Blogging story and
it continues, you know. Every step of my blogging career is part of this story.
I hope to make many more blogging memories.
Oh, well, this is the spark behind this blog post. It’s
obvious where I got the inspiration from – my personal blogging story. So,
should you too narrow down to a blogging niche or not?

First of, what are the benefits of narrowing down to a
blogging niche?

1. “Everyone is not your customer.”  -Seth Godin

If you are going to reach your ideal audience, you will need
to give them what exactly they want. Not everyone will be interested in what
you have to say. If you can give people exactly what they want, they will
become your customer and refer someone else.

2. Your bounce rates will reduce

I will give a very simple explanation to those that have
never heard of bounce rates. If 100 people visit your blog and all of them do
not read another blog post, they just close your page, you have a 100% bounce
rate. If none of them leaves until they check other posts, you have a 0% bounce
If your blog meets your specific readers’ needs, there is a
very high probability of them sticking around.

3. It’s very easy to build authority

If you are in a blogging niche, you can easily prove to your
readers that you know what you talk about. It helps you as a Blogger to
research and work hard to bring your readers value. Eventually, you are the
go-to person for a particular subject matter.

4. Your blog is easier to monetize

Because you have been able to build authority as a Blogger
in a specific niche, it will be very easy to monetize your blog. Creating
products and services out of a particular blogging niche is easier.

5. Search Engines rank your blog higher

Your search engine optimization brings better results
because search engines admit to your authority and thereby feed readers your
blog posts.
Also, think about it, a blog with a low bounce rate, high
average time on site and more pages per visits sends a signal to search
engines. It is an indication that your blog is of much value and other users
will benefit from it.

So, should you narrow down your blogging niche?

It depends!
You don’t necessarily have to narrow down to a specific
niche if your blog is for example, a personal blog or a personal lifestyle blog
with an audience that truly connects with you.
In this case, what they are interested in is you and how you
want to relate with them. They would be so passionate and interested in your
interests enough to share in your world and even tell someone else about you.
Blogging should always be fun and if you feel you are under
pressure to talk about just one thing you know may wear you out and make you
lose all of your blogging joy, don’t.
If however, you have decided that narrowing down to a
particular niche is something that you should do, here are some tips to help
you narrow down without regrets. Trust me, if you make a wrong move, blogging
might bore you in the nearest future.

How do you choose a blogging niche for your blog?

1. Consider your audience first

If you have been blogging for a while, chances are that you
already know what your audience resonates with the most. For me, for example, I
realized that my blogging posts were creating so much of buzz on my blog.
The truth is that these blogging posts didn’t generate the
most of my blogging traffic but they generated the kind of quality traffic I
have always wanted. The conversion rates on those posts were so high that I
began to look into settling into it,

2. How passionate are you about the topic?

It doesn’t make sense if you are not very passionate about a
blogging niche. No matter how profitable it may seem to be, if it’s not
something you can talk about, read about, share for days unending, don’t even
try it.
Choose a blog niche that ticks many of your boxes. Pick a
topic that you can talk about for hours.

3. How profitable is it?

After ticking the passion box, it’s time to look into how
you can monetize your blogging in future. It’s okay if you don’t plan to
generate income from your blog just yet. It is only important that you consider
and think about your blog long term.
If you can sell something as a result of that niche, market
a service, collaborate,. etc..why not?
So, are you going to narrow down to a blogging niche or not? Please, let me hear your thoughts in the comments section.


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