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Chebe Powder – The New Fast Hair Growth Secret!

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Chebe powder is the new rave! Everywhere I turn to on Instagram, there are Chebe powder reviews, instructions on how to use Chebe powder and all of the new stuff on this hair growth powder. The other day it was a video on how to apply it and I knew right away that this one is not going away soon.

The first time I attempted to even check this out, I stumbled on some chebe powder before and after pictures and what I found was stunning. How did we just come to know about this? This is something the locals have been using for a very long time now. The fulanis and many of the Northern women in Nigeria use this powder a lot.

Chebe powder is the fulani hair growth secret. This is no wonder they have such long hair. I hear Chadian women too, I would like to think they made this popular though because they are all over now.

Just recently, my colleague showed me a list of Chebe powder recipes and how much the seller was placing on the chebe powder products. I was stunned, to say the least. Like, hollup, the whole chebe powder kit was 15,000 Naira! The full Chebe kit contains Chebe strengthening and retention hair butter, herbal miracle growth oil, chebe infused oil and scalp massager.

I have been all over the place searching for information on Chebe and all that has to do with it. I know, I am restless like that. Because the review section of my blog is blazing hot these days, it only makes sense that I keep the vibes up. I have also learned too much of the powder to keep to myself. Hopefully, you find this article useful and relevant so that you have all that you need to know about chebe powder on your fingertips.

What is Chebe Powder?

Chebe is made from natural ingredients mostly by the Baggara Arabs in Chad. This was revealed to be the secret of their long thigh length hair.

I used to think that Chebe Powder (or Chewe) is the name of a powder all by itself but after researching the internet, I realized that Chebe powder is the name given to the finished powdered product. This is just the same as African black soap, do you still remember the review? The raw African black soap is made from different ingredients just like Chebe powder is made from different Chebe powder ingredients. So, apparently, the major ingredient of the popular Chebe powder is called Chebe or Chewe.

Chebe is a plant whose scientific name is Croton Zambesicus. The plant is also known as Lavender Croton. This plant is a shrub that is cultivated in most parts of Arica, especially West Africa. The plant is grown in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Gambia.

Chebe in Yoruba Language is ‘Ewe Ajekobale’. It is said that it is planted in houses, villages, and communities to neutralize the powers and ward off witches and wizards. So, Chebe, apparently is a very popular plant in Yoruba land.

Chebe plant
Lavender Croton: This is how the plant looks like

Chebe Powder Ingredients

Lavender croton
Mahalaba (cherry kernels)
Coconut oil or karkar oil
Khumra perfume oil or any other suitable perfume
Misik (incense resin)

Chebe Powder Benefits

Chebe is known to strengthen, lubricate and moisturize the hair. The moisturizing effect of Chebe Powder keeps your hair actively lubricated and moisturized which prevents dryness and breakage. This, in turn, fosters healthy hair growth and length retention. No hair breakage = hair growth.

  • Chebe powder helps to prevent hair loss

One of the many different ways to grow your hair faster is to reduce the pace at which hair loss happens. Chebe powder strengthens your hair so well that hair loss is not easily happening.

  • It helps to lock in hair moisture

Hair moisture lock also helps to keep your hair growth steady and progressive afterward. Another method I have found to help me keep and lock in hair moisture is the hair bonnet I recently use. It’s helped me so much that I would not go to bed without it. Satin hair bonnets are the best girl! In my review of my current favorite facial cleanser, I have a picture of the way it looks on my hair. You might want to take a peep.

  • It helps to thicken your hair and cause hair growth

I already mentioned that the way it helps to cause speedy hair growth is to strengthen your hair and cause it to thicken. That way you can preserve your hair strands and get your hair to keep on growing at its capacity.

How to use Chebe Powder

There are different ways to use this powder and I must say that you will get to settle into your own routine later. Even though advocates of Chebe powder are mostly naturalists, women on relaxed hair can use it too. This powder is not limited to a certain type of hair texture.

You can make a chebe paste by mixing with water or diffusing it into any carrier oil and leave for three weeks in a bottle. You can also apply and rinse off or leave it in your dry hair.

Once or twice a week when your natural hair is out, apply the paste to your hair and leave for some hours, say 2 hours. Then rinse it off with water.

Tommie from @Naijahairbonnet gave me a simpler 6 step method on how to use Chebe powder

Chebe is applied through a 6 step process

✔Prepare mixture (Shea butter + karkar oil, make sure it’s a bit liquidy)

✔Section Hair

✔Wet Hair

✔Apply mixture then apply raw Chebe (you repeat this 2 on that section until you feel both has penetrated through and your hair has soaked it up).

✔Braid hair

✔Remove excess oil

✔Spray water.

Repeat the process all over.

N.B: this process starts and ends with water. Leave in for 4-5 days then repeat again.


Chebe Powder Reviews and Results

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Chebe Powder Video Reviews

Chebe Powder for hair growth

Does Chebe Powder Really Work?

How to make Chebe Butter

Before and after picture of Chebe powder and Karkar oil

Before and after picture of Chebe powder and karkar oil, chebe results

How to prepare Chebe Infused Oil

1. Put a considerable amount of Chebe into a jar. (About 3 plastic spoon fulls).

2. Fill up with carrier oils such as coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, avocado oil or karkar oil.

3. Stir well and make sure the oil covers the powder well, then cover the jar tightly.

4. Place in a dark place for about 6 weeks (cold infusion) or 2-3 weeks under the sun (sun infusion) or 2-4 hours under very low heat (heat infusion). Sieve out Chebe powder and retain your oil.

5. Shake mixture 1-2 times daily (optional).

6. Pour oil into bottles

7. Add some Essential oils (lavender, peppermint, rosemary, Vit. E). Be sure to add original essential oils to your chebe oil. If you are having difficulty finding good essential oils, check here for how and where to buy original, unadulterated, A-grade essential oils.

6. Apply when needed every 2-3 days.

*Make sure all residues of Chebe powder are sieved out so you can effectively apply oil on your scalp daily*

How to identify fake Karkar oil

Tommie of Naijahairbonnet shared with me how she bought the fake karkar oil and I think it is worthy of note to explain to you what the original karkar oil and fake karkar oil look like.

Fake/adulterated karkar oil

The adulterated karkar oil looked and smelt like sunflower and vegetable oil.

Original Karkar oil

original karkar oil, how to identify original karkar oil

original karkar oil

The original karkar oil should be dark with a green undertone.

Where to buy Chebe Powder / Chebe powder for sale

Because I realize how difficult it is to get original Chebe powder and karkar oil in Lagos, I contacted the babe whose video I had seen on how to use it. She is Tommie from @Naijahairbonnet. Remember, the babe who has helped us with the 6-step process.

I have had something delivered by her, this is why I can vouch for the quality. My colleague who is also in search has pulled my ears in different directions. Her chant is that I am careful of running into fake chebe powder products. If you want to buy the chebe powder from her, in very easy steps, it is at your doorstep.

How much are Chebe powder and Karkar oil?

Raw Chebe Powder only (100g) – N1400

Raw Chebe Powder 100g and karkar oil 100ml – N2000

Delivery – Nationwide.

Pick up option: Ilasamaja, Isolo Lagos.

If you are ready to get your own now, simply chat Tommie up 08139102705; it should be at your doorstep in no time. You can also pay and pick up your chebe powder if you are close to Ilasamaja, Isolo Lagos.

Image Source: Poshmark

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