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Causes of smelly feet or shoes and how to get rid of it finally!

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Smelly feet can be very embarrassing. You have that one person in mind right now. They have their feet and/or shoes smell all the time. Inasmuch as you don’t want to embarrass them, you feel uncomfortable yourself. And oh well, this might actually be you.

There are so many causes of smelly feet and one of them is poor personal hygiene. The other day, I was asking on my Facebook timeline if people take time to wash in between their toes. I definitely did not wash my toes, but after reading from so many enlightening comments, I decided to be particular and intentional about it.

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Another cause of smelly feet or shoes is wearing the same shoes every day or wearing it for a very long time at once. The trapped heat can cause sweat to break out on your feet and eventually cause your feet to smell. When you pull off your shoes, oooooooops, the smell.

A condition known as  hyperhidrosis is one that causes your feet to sweat a lot. When trapped in shoes, they will unavoidably smell.

Do you know that you can use panty liners to get rid of smelly feet? Tomis colour pavillion has a very good video on how to get rid of smelly feet or shoes. There is also a bonus, she explains how to make your over-sized shoes fit with pantyliners. Watch below:


What other ways can smelly feet be avoided? Please share with us in the comments section below.

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