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Yoruba demon

10 Ways to Identify a Yoruba Demon (this one is the original list)

Ladies of the earth! Okay, you have heard the phrase thrown around very well. Yoruba demons are demons, simple. More explicitly put, heartbreakers that don’t have the fear of God kobo. It’s not even like I have dated many men in my lifetime but I cannot miss these ones. Emi ke. I am going to …

Valentine's day gift ideas For Him/Her
Relationships Valentine's Day

2019 Valentine’s day gift ideas For Him/Her

Valentine talks came really early this year. I mean, it’s not even February yet and the whole world is talking about Valentine’s day gift ideas. Already? Valentine 2019 is going to be the bomb, trust me. With lovers armed to the teeth to spoil their boos and baes, Valentine will come in all shades of …