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…On the brief unavailability of the Facebook-owned trio

‘Brief’ here being very relative. I was going to spray some red hot sauce on my Whatsapp status when I realized that the Universe wouldn’t approve. Shame. Coincidentally, I was having the same issues with my Instagram. These were two different platforms so I concluded that it was a network glitch. I absolutely forgot that …


Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria is a very serious issue. Not only Youths experience Unemployment but elderly citizens of the country as well experience this. This article looks to analyse Unemployment in Nigeria, its causes and also suggest solutions to the problem. Read on to know more about Unemployment in Nigeria. What really is Unemployment? Unemployment is …

Mel and Jamie, Britain's Got Talent Auditions,
Music Opinions

Mel and Jamie: the most emotional audition I have ever listened to

Mel and Jamie have such a beautiful mother-son relationship. I listened to their Britain’s Got Talent Audition today and I can’t get over it. It was so touching. Say Something took another dimension here. Watch below:      Related: Kechi Okwuchi renders Conqueror at America’s Got Talent  

Unilorin water fountain

Unilorin: Courses, School Fees and Admission Requirements/Update

In this article: Unilorin courses, Unilorin school fees, Unilorin admission requirements, why Unilorin is one of the most sought-after university in Nigeria, undergraduate and postgraduate portal. University of Ilorin is that one place I remember so fondly. I miss Unilorin days so bad. From the customary shunting to the hostel accommodation to my classmates, oh my …