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I found the best Personal Fitness Trainer in Ilorin

If you are on a search, finding the best personal fitness trainer is going to be an entirely time-consuming project. I would like to think that finding a personal fitness trainer in Lagos and some other metropolitan parts of Nigeria is not as uphill as finding a personal fitness trainer in Ilorin. The less metropolitan, …

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Tampons vs pads: I asked my friends on social media

Tampons vs pads have been a long-standing issue and so out of curiosity, I took to my social media channels to ask if my friends were comfortable using tampons. Trust me, the responses were just beautiful. Some were very enlightening and informative, some, very hilarious. The tampon subject was a very awesome topic to discuss …

Intermittent fasting mistakes
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The top 10 Intermittent Fasting Mistakes (How to avoid them)

Intermittent fasting is becoming a very popular option for losing weight. However, some people who claim not to see results are probably making some terrible intermittent fasting mistakes. These IF mistakes would do nothing but jeopardize all of your weight loss efforts no matter how hard you try. If you have never heard of Intermittent …