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Human hair wig

Human Hair Wigs : How to make them last longer

The wig making industry (especially human hair wigs) is a multi-billion dollar industry with growing potential every passing day. Wigs are needed worldwide and are especially in much demand in North America, Europe and in Africa. As a Nigerian, it should come as no surprise that wigs are in high demand in Nigeria too, especially …

Healthy Food Habits
Hair Health and fitness

Healthy Food Habits – Secret to Great Hair

Who would have thought that having a healthy and balanced diet can improve your chances of reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth? Of course, this needs to be supplemented with applying the right kind of hair oil that will magnify the results exponentially. Nobody should underestimate the importance of a balanced diet for having …

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles

Nigerian cornrow hairstyles for 2018 [UPDATED]

Nigerian Cornrow hairstyles have taken the hair stage since forever and that’s basically because of the transformation it brings to any woman’s face. You can’t ever miss the change and overall/total makeover of a woman’s face as soon as they switch to the typical Nigerian cornrow hairstyle. You might also be interested in Black Short …