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How I made my first million on YouTube || Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh’s last video on YouTube is the real deal. I loved how she shared, very transparently, her income model on YouTube, especially with Google Adsense. I am sharing this with people who are looking to start their YouTube Channels but are wondering how the money rolls in. In reality, making money from YouTube is …

How to get a sale even if the customer says the product is too expensive || Vusi Thembekwayo
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How to get a sale even if the customer says the product is too expensive || Vusi Thembekwayo

This is one of the best money videos I have watched in a very long time and I honestly can’t keep it to myself. In fact, when I shared some of the things I got from Vusi’s lecture on my Whatsapp status, people kept asking for a link. So, I thought, if it’s this good, …

Women and money

Women and money; perception, handling and multiplication

Until established and successful women began to talk about money, money was scarce talk in the women community. I think there is a sort of “women are not bright enough to handle, let alone multiply money” perception in the society. That alone isn’t the only problem. There was and still is the other issue of …

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How Patrice Washington went from owing $18,000 in debt to owning a 7 figure business

On Women of Impact, Patrice Washington, Founder, and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth talks about the transition from debt management to financial freedom and abundance. She talks about her debt experience, how she at a point lost everything she had and how she bounced back after her financial crash in 2008. This episode on …