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sandalwood moisturizing cream by young living essential oils
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Review : Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream by Young Living Essential Oils

Sandalwood moisturizing cream was never prepared for, thought about or planned for. It was a gift and I am so grateful it happened. You know I am only beginning to gradually take skin care, especially my facial skin care, seriously and this is not by dumping many products on it but by being selective with …

Best Nivea Body Lotions to try out in 2019
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7 Best Nivea Body Lotions to try out in 2019

Nivea body lotions are gradually becoming everyone’s favorites. This is because the standard Nivea body lotions live up to are unmatched. Each of the products in the Nivea lotion range is amazingly produced to meet needs and solve problems. I was first introduced to Nivea lotion during my A-levels and it was the Nivea Essentially Enriched …


How to make coconut oil at home; Insanely Easy Steps!

If you knew how to make coconut oil at home, would you? I mean, the rate at which we have adulterated coconut oil in carefully bottled containers is just saddening. Worse off is that they tell you it’s virgin coconut oil and because you don’t know how to differentiate between the original and fake coconut …