She pi jam

Apply for She Pi Jam : Exploring Creativity with Coding

She Pi initiative is a programme aimed at building and training young women who are interested in advancing their technological curiosities. We are geared and pushed by the need to solve problems that affect us as a whole in the country and outside the shores using technology in form of Raspberry Pi – electronic hardware, …

Buy a land in Ajah

Become a Landlord at Ajah

If you have been thinking of investing in real estate, now is the time to do so. You can buy a land in Ajah now and at a nicely discounted price too. This land is at Urban Base Estate, Ajah. Investors stand to gain up to 36% immediate Return On Investment upon purchase and up …

Advertise your business for free

#2 Advertise Your Business For Free

Hello my blog readers, how is the hustle? I opened this platform for businesses some months ago. I am bringing it back to life again today. Your customer might be right here on my blog. So, head on to the comments section and sell yourself or your product. Good luck.

the boomerang movie

The Boomerang Movie by Fruit Bearers’ Film

Watch The Boomerang Movie trailer below: The Boomerang Movie is a Fruit Bearers’ Film. It was Written and Produced by Adejumobi Oluwaseun ; Directed by Kayode Babalola. It may interest you to know that the movie, “The Boomerang” is about the untold story of a molested girl child whose voice and confidence has been taken …