Caroline Mutoko: my Woman Crush this Wednesday

Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko has inspired me and is still inspiring me from very far, the YouTube kind of far. When I talk about her, you would think that I have met her and for the life of me, what I am very intrigued about isn’t even really the intelligence that has made her into her unique claim of ‘woman’, they are the petty, almost unnoticeable things that intrigue me. I really can’t push it away, her wisdom wows me.

The first YouTube video I ever watched was, ‘Where did my money go’ and that was the revival I needed at the time. I wasn’t even a spendthrift, I just needed some more confidence to reinforce that I am not one to buy five bags at a go.

Her style

Caroline Mutoko is a very stylish woman. You need to watch only one of her YouTube videos to know that. We share the same body shape, only that she is bigger. I get a lot of inspiration from how she styles herself. One would never imagine that she is minimalist because she has got such an amazing mix and match skill.

Her accent

Have you ever heard the pure hybrid of Africa and America in sounds? There is something about Caroline Mutoko’s still. It’s captivating and inviting. I think it adds to why she has this much oratory power.

Her confidence

So, she discusses some topics with daunting confidence and strength. How many women would want to do politics and fashion. This one is the one to move from fashion to relationships to politics and to anything many women still haven’t gotten the nerve to say.

I celebrate this Kenyan ‘babe’ today.