How I mastered the Pole Dance | Hustlers BTS Part 1
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10 Career Lessons from Jennifer Lopez’s BTS for Hustlers

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Watching how Jennifer Lopez mastered the pole dance for Hustlers was very inspiring.

You can find the video below. Simply press play

How I mastered the Pole Dance | Hustlers BTS Part 1


Having watched this over and over, I have had 10 profound career lessons jump at me. I would love to share them with you too.

1. There’s always something more. Where you are right now is not all there is, find out where the sky is and go beyond.

2. Who is the best in the field? Submit to them.

pole dancing by Jennifer Lopez

3. You are not too old to start anything new. Open the new shop at 65, start that course at 80.

4. Growth involves pain.

5. You need a cheerleader. They provide the kind of support a mentor or leader might not be able to.

6. You will need grit to succeed at anything.

7. Excellence should be your aim. The best part is that you are rewarded for it. First, you are proud of how far you’ve come. Second, the world is totally blown!Jennifer Lopez's pole dancing

8. Maybe perfection is overrated but hard work and poise will convince anyone.

9. Be willing to go out of your comfort zone.

10. Don’t be ashamed to be vulnerable. Learning anything from scratch will expose parts of you that you would rather keep to yourself but if it propels you to the next stage, who cares?

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez’s pole dance training?

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