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Where and how to buy original essential oils

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I started to use essential oils in January, this year and oh my, I did not envisage how much I would quickly fall in love with these small, tiny bottles of essential oils. My favorite of them all, when I started, was Lavender.

As I began to explore essential oils more, everyday, I decided that peppermint was definitely my second best. Now, I have so many favorites I can’t do without.

You know,  you should check my best three essential oils. In this article, I go into the details. I talk about how I use these oils,  what I use them for, how these oils are made and from what plants. In short, this post is essentially made of everything you need to know about essential oils and stuff.

To be honest, I underestimated what it meant to get and use essential oils because, really, my first attempt at these goodies is the best anyone can pray for. Imagine that I have to learn about essential oils and then begin to hustle my way into finding original essential oils.

Worst of this all is if I didn’t even know that there are actually diluted and practically adulterated essential oils. And I already began to use oils in a way only original essential oils are allowed to be used.

I guess it’s the same thing with most of the other natural and organic products like coconut oil, shea butter and black soap. The way they are adulterated is just so unfair and worse, harmful.

What of accessibility? Where to buy the original essential oils. It would be very disappointing to be exposed to this world of essential oils and not know where to get the next bottle of your favorite essential oil.

In short, I am blessed to have been introduced to essential oils and to have access to the best, unadulterated, original brand of essential oils.

Why am I so into essential oils?

Essential oils have been a daily part of my life since my first try with Lavender. If you have been considering incorporating essential oils into your natural skin care routine, hair routine and growth and general body wellness, this blog post is your reminder and your nudge. It is the best thing that has happened to me for a while now.

Another thing to consider is that essential oils are not only for general body wellness, skin and hair care, these oils are used to manage and sometimes treat medical issues that range from mild to very severe.

Essential oils do not, for any reason, take the place of medicines. They do not serve to be administered by essential oil experts to sick people in place of a doctor’s prescription. They are however a good alternative try at alleviating conditions or managing ailments.

Different essential oils are used to treat acne, uneven skin tone,  hair breakage,  dandruff, cough, headaches, aches,  body pains. Essential oils are powerful in managing respiratory issues like asthma, old age body breakdown, menopause aftermath. I mean, this is a very long long list. I am probably using essential oils for just 0.1% of what they can be used for.

Maybe perfumers, organic skin and hair care formulators would know a more ways to explore and use essential oils.

At the end of the day, you realize all by yourself that if you want to really begin to rebuild all of the things that synthetic products have broken down in your body and then adopt a natural, organic lifestyle, it would be best to get only original essential oils, else, you are going to end up doing yourself more harm than good.

Why it is important to get original essential oils?

I will tell you a story, I promise you, it is not boring lol.

So, yesterday, Jen Jordan, an essential oil expert and enthusiast shared with us one of the worst essential oil experiences she has ever had in her entire life. She shared with us how a very close friend of hers had had an issue with a bad burn.

By the way, if you missed the free essential oil training that went down yesterday and today, I want to announce that you really really missed, no jokes. It was extremely enlightening and super informative.

The free essential oil training in Lagos
The free essential oil training in Lagos.

I was kind enough to tell you about it beforehand so no regrets on my end. I want to congratulate those who were able to make it. The essential oil training was an excellent eye opener to the realities of general body wellness and mistakes we are making.

We learnt how to apply these essential oils, the best way to benefit from essential oils and many of the functions of the most popular essential oils that we use in our day to day living.

Exciting, interesting, super resourceful and informative was what the essential oil training was. I will share some pictures with you now. There is definitely going to be another mind blowing free essential oil training for anyone interested before the end of the year.

Esther Adeniyi at Young Living's event
This is yours truly. My pleasant bane was also at the event!
It was some serious dinner!
Dinner before the essential oils training
Dessert before the essential oil training
Dessert was so good.

I will be sure to talk about it if it holds. I am not sure it will be in Lagos as usual but wherever the next training will hold, Lagos or Abuja, anywhere, I will let you know.

Back to our not-boring story…

Jen’s friend called to ask for anything she could use to treat this and Jen recommended Lavender. Obviously, her friend had a lavender bottle she had purchased from the store.

She used these lavender drops as Jen had prescribed. If you didn’t know, Lavender is used to treat burns. It helps to alleviate the pain and soothe the burnt portion of the skin at the same time. The antimicrobial activity is also great!

The next day, the wound, instead of healing up, had formed a large blister and worsened on her friend’s hand. On investigation, she had reasons to believe that her friend used an adulterated form of essential oil because:

i. her friend had picked up the oil from the store
ii. there was no way to ascertain the source of the oil itself.

By the way, this is Jen Jordan of Young Living Essential Oils

The problem with this is that chemicals are usually added or mixed with these oils. This is probably to make more money or due to carelessness. The result is that if any of the incorporated chemicals would not usually go well with a certain ailment or cause, it would worsen the situation on ground.

What about the case of religiously using an essential oil to prevent a certain kind of health condition or general body wellness only to realize that it was better to have just stuck to synthetic products or nothing at all.

The seed to seal process

Like one of my essential oil mentors would say, if you don’t know the cow, don’t drink its raw milk. Fair warning this is.

What if the cow was sick? What if the farmer is not hygienic? You would not want to drink raw milk from a source you know nothing about. This is the case with essential oils.

It is very important to be sure of where your essential oils are coming from. This is the beauty of the seed to seal process.

Young Living essential oils uses the seed to seal process in the production and packaging of the essential oils into the small bottles. Young Living has a control of the soil on which there plants are grown, the farms in which they are harvested and in all of the stages involved from seed to seal.

The seeds are planted, the plants are harvested, the oils are extracted and they move straight into the bottle for sealing. No addition or refining or anything extra.

Where do I buy original essential oils in Nigeria or anywhere in the world?

You can get original, clean and unadulterated essential oils from Young Living essential oils. This is an established company that has been in the United States of America for 25 years now. They have essential oil singles from various plants and blends of two or more plants.

How to buy Young Living Oils

Essential oil bottles

Option 1- Retail Customer

Go to and create a retail customer account. You will get a login and password and can order oils at retail cost whenever you would like. They will ship directly to you.

Option 2- Wholesale Member

Go to and create a wholesale member account. It is a lifetime membership that you never have to renew. You will get a login and password and can order oils at wholesale, which is 24% off retail whenever you would like.

If you ask me, this is at a very discounted price!

They will ship directly to you. Your obligation to the company is to spend $50 per year to keep your membership active.

In order to set up a wholesale account, you have to purchase a starter kit. You can choose the $45 Basic Starter Kit which gets you your membership and a few samples.

Or you can choose the Premium Starter Kit which comes with the 10 oils, including the pricy Frankincense and Panaway. Plus an 11th oil called Stress Away, which smells divine.

You also get a dewdrop diffuser, which retails for $100 on it’s own. Plus the membership and some samples. The PSK is by far the biggest bang for your buck and will give you an arsenal of oils to start your journey with, knowing that these really are the most common everyday-use oils. The Premium Starter Kit, PSK is $160.

This is instead of a whooping $400 if you were to buy the oils individually!

Young Living essential oils and the diffuser
Young Living essential oils with the dewdrop diffuser

Buying this kit also gives you access to trainings and educational events by their leadership support system as well. The beauty of YL is that the founders set it up so that the people using and loving the product would be the ones marketing and training.

When you buy a PSK using my member number as your enroller (18651845), I receive a thank you check from YL for $50 for sharing the product and helping you get started.

If you are ready to jump in and purchase a kit, here is where to go sign up.

If you ever run into any troubles or you want me to walk you through the registration process step by step, I will be very glad to help you.

Simply send me an email via or chat me on Whatsapp on this number – 08167009081. You can also check me out on Instagram and send me a dm.

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Where and how to buy original essential oils

I am very certain and hopeful that today is the end of your search for original essential oils in Nigeria or anywhere else you are in the world and for extremely cheaper too. Have fun with your new essential oils!

P. S-All the essential oil product pictures were taken by my friend, Olubunmi Samuel. You can check him out here.

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