50+ Bucket List Ideas for 2019

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Just if you are wondering what to put on your bucket list (some of us suck at creativity), I have created a check list that you can pick from.

Even if you don’t settle for many or any of them, items on the list may spark up your creativity and ideas may come alive.

I have 50 of them, please add more in the comments section if you have. Hopefully, this adds some colour to 2019!

bucket list ideas for 2019

Bucket List Ideas for 2019

1. Learn how to play a new game
2. Join a Kung Fu/ Karate class
3. Take dance lessons
4. Learn and cook a foreign meal
5. Learn an entirely new language
6. Take driving lessons
7. Ride a horse
8. Try a new restaurant
9. Walk for one hour
10. Visit the beach
11. Go on vacation abroad
12. Learn how to shoot a gun
13. Learn programming basics
14. Learn photography
15. Take a sign language course
16. Learn how to play an instrument
17. Become an expert at something
18. Move out of your parents’ house
19. Get married
20. Have a child
21. Raise a pet
22. Get a postgraduate degree
23. Buy a house/car
24. Join the workforce at church
25. Start a business
26. Do the big chop
27. Colour your hair
28. Join a club/movement
29. Do something scary for the first time
30. Try intermittent fasting
31. Go for a photoshoot
32. Start a blog
33. Get a job/change your job
34. Fall in love
35. Write a book
36. Visit the cinema
37. Host a picnic
38. Form a club
39. Learn how to swim
40. Go to the spa
41. Plan a surprise party for someone
42. Confront an oppressor
43. Learn how to swim
44. Buy an expensive item
45. Quit a wrong relationship
46. Read your 52nd book by the end of the year
47. Throw a birthday party
48. Watch a new movie genre : horrror, action, faith etc.
49. Makeup/go bare faced for the first time
50. Save/Invest
51. Observe your quiet time every day

Which of these are you going to try? Please add more bucket list ideas for 2019 in the comments section too if you have any.

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