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10 Boss babe habits to develop now!

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Ever wondered why #GirlBosses all seem to have everything together? These boss babes are juggling everything together so effortlessly that you want to be as chic as them.

These babes have many things in common, these are habits they have come to develop early on and for a fact, this goes a very long way to positively enhance their lives and get them to achieve much more than the average girl.

I am going to be sharing 10 boss babe habits to develop now and if you must, the earlier the very better.

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Boss babe habits to develop now, esther adeniyi

1. Wake up as early as 5 AM

There most likely isn’t a magic number but 5 AM does it best for a lot of people who have decided that they are going to make rising up early a habit. If you are having a hard time rising up as early as 5 AM, you can check this article on how to achieve that every single day. Indeed, waking up at 5 AM completely changed my life as a person.

2. Network!

Every opportunity you have to create and establish credible relationships, put your best foot forward. Boss babes are that forward! They connect with people at meetups and make friends pretty quickly. Boss babes never pass the opportunity to network with people with whom they can rise up together.

3. Eat clean

I have come to realize that if you do not feed your body with good stuff, it most commonly won’t give you the good stuff in return. Boss babes are constantly brainstorming and because this involves a lot of brain work, you want to eat good and healthy meals.

4. Exercise

It is common to be sedentary as a boss babe because you are most likely working on the internet or attending meetings or strategizing in your office for most of the day. One way, however, to get things rolling is to move around very often. Walk instead of taking a bus, walk to the grocery store instead of ordering items online, move and stretch within your office.

5. Relax

The habit of sitting still and relaxing is very unpopular. We are in such a fast-paced world that everything is moving so quickly. Boss babes understand the importance of relaxation. In fact, a lot of successful people maximize their weekends to the fullest by relaxing and meditating.

6. Plan ahead

This is a very useful habit to develop. The habit of planning ahead will save you a lot of stress and impromptu tasks. Be ahead of your day and your week. You can draw up daily and weekly to-do lists and find out how to make things happen as fast as you can. This also means ditching procrastination for good!

7. Assign tasks

Delegating is a habit that you must develop if you must succeed as a boss babe. You cannot do everything alone. You need to be able to understand the strengths and weakness of people who work with you and use it to their own advantage and yours too. If you also have to outsource and pay things to get done, as long as it falls within your means, by all means!

8. Sleep well

Having a well rested night is a habit the best of #girlbosses have come to practice. Switch off your phone and power down all the gadgets that you use. If you have to have a scheduled power on and off time for your phone, then go ahead. Regularly sleep at the same time, the same day so as to get your body accustomed to a great sleep routine. This will also aid you in waking up early and ready for the next day.

9. Invest in yourself

One of the best forms of investment is the investment in oneself. Investing in yourself will keep you sharp and valuable wherever you find yourself. Take courses, attend seminars, watch TED talk, etc. Find other ways to invest in yourself here.

10. Go minimalist

There is something decluttering does to everyone, it frees the mind and makes everything simple. You can try to read this piece on simple ways to simplify your life.

Boss babes do not have superpowers, they have only come to understand the power of some habits powerful enough to transform their lives and bring them to the much-desired efficiency you see them exhibit.

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