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7 Blogging Mistakes that make your blog suck

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About a year ago, I wrote an article on blogging mistakes to avoid as a new Blogger. I shared so many blogging mistakes I made starting out and how you can carefully avoid them. What better way to learn than from other people’s experiences yea.

Today, I want to share a few things with Bloggers that have been blogging for a while now. Recently, I have had to handle Blogger campaigns and reach out programmes. This literally means that I run through as many as 100 blogs a day trying to figure out which fits.

Out of the typical 100, only about 20, in some cases, 10 blogs end up working out for us. It’s crazy how many people are churning out content but managing blogs that carry so little value.

These blogging mistakes will be a compilation of factors we can’t help but drop some people off for. Sometimes I am scared for the future of blogging in Nigeria. I am deeply concerned about the way we blog in this part of the world. How do we compete on the international stage?

I understand that some blogging mistakes are due to ignorance, which is fine. We constantly grow, add knowledge and develop into blogging maturity. There are on the other hand, blogging mistakes I can only attribute to laziness and complacency.

I will list as many blogging mistakes as people on the team I work with complain of. These things are what advertisers, brands, even your blog readers check out, intentionally or not. If you don’t want to put people off or ward them off your blogging space, please look into the following mistakes and correct them as soon as you can.



1. No contact page

After I am done with assessing a site, next thing I want to do is have their contact email or sometimes (which is usually a great relief) their phone number(s).

One big mistake you can make is not have a contact page. Even anonymous Bloggers have a contact page. The shock on your face when you realize that the blog is super duper, DA on point, PA on point, spam score very low, organic traffic percentage very high, overall traffic super but doesn’t have a contact page. Or they even have and it’s hidden. Why? Why are you hiding contact page as a Blogger?

2. Annoying pop ups

This isn’t limited to Ads or subscription boxes. The other day, it was an annoying Facebook opt in pop up. What a wawu! I was disturbed, I kept on trying to get the sticky little thing out. I have no idea how that idea came to life. Sticky Facebook opt in box that won’t leave the screen.

Your bounce rate will become terrible with flimsy mistakes like this one. User experience will be really bad with constant pop ups. For my ads, I use Auto Ads. This is because Google Adsense works to make your blog both easy on users and high on revenue with Auto Ads.

3. Doctored stats

So, when I know that you have doctored your stats, I will leave your blog and not come back there forever. It’s all about trust fam. If you are not proud of your stats, don’t display anything stat related till you can.

We all started from some place and many times, it’s low, so allow your blog to start. It’s a different thing if there is a misconception about your stats. It another different thing for you to inflate your stats. If nobody gets to find out, great. If they do, you lose.

4. Cluttered blog and ugly Blog design

Even you know that the reason why you stick with some Bloggers is because they have neat and beautiful blogs. It’s a big mistake to have your blog messy and ugly.

It’s okay if it’s a temporary blog but if you choose to have a long-term blog, please take care of your design. Let your blog glow. Remove all of the ugly clutter. Get a beautiful header. You can send me an email if you need a blog revamp. Please note that it is not possible to work on anybody’s blog for free. I have never seen anyone do it.

5. Outright copy and paste

It’s a mistake, don’t listen to that voice. If you copy someone’s work, properly give them credits. See how I said it. I said, PROPERLY. Don’t be tempted to live off other people’s sweat. It is kind of embarrassing and dishonourable

6. Inconsistency

Not too many people like to visit inconsistent Bloggers. It’s not a hard nut to crack. You are simply not serious with your blog. If you can’t be consistent with your blog, please don’t open it just yet.

7. Broken social media links

Try to test things on your site. Ask people to critic your site, its design, content, everything, including the links, if they are working.

I currently have a lot of broken internal links as a result of some things I did. I already asked someone to write a plugin for me. That solved only part of it. While I am working to get everything under control, I check to make sure that the glaring spots don’t pose a problem to users.

Which of these blogging mistakes are you currently making? Nne, when are you going to correct them?

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