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Blogging burnout : what to do when it hits

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Blogging burnout, Esther Adeniyi, Blogger

If this counts for anything, on this day, two years ago, I published an article on ‘How to avoid blogging burnout.’ It was a complete recount of my own burnout. I was exhausted! And angry!

You know, I have been blogging for a long time now. It’s been a long time, baby. I must confess, I made some mistakes and I think these slowed down some of my successes. You can read this post on mistakes to avoid as a new blogger. I can tell you, right here, one mistake to avoid- blogging solo. Don’t ever blog solo. Have blogger friends, network, connect, truly connect with other bloggers.

Inasmuch as blogging can be fun, yes, blogging is actually fun, some of your blogging tasks are time consuming, boring and stressful. If you don’t have a hang of how to never hit rock bottom in your blogging journey, you can be so exhausted to the point of no interest. I mean, like totally leave your blog. For some people, it’s as bad as quitting all together.

Actually, if blogging has called you, you will always get back in here. *smiles* Blogging is a force! This is a platform where you share what matters to you – your stories, your knowledge, a piece of you, your passion, all without restraints, just how you like it. It’s your own space on the internet. You definitely are going to be back but let’s see, are you currently burned out? You’ve not blogged in months, I hope not years tho’. But you are just not up for all of it anymore, or at least, for now.


Reconnect with your focus 

Sometimes, you need to remind yourself of why you started and why you want to continue. Now, on your blogging journey, you are going to meet many bloggers who blog about different things, you are going to stumble on so many blogs that have content similar to yours. Gradually, there is usually a tendency to want to do more, be more, write like some other blogger or take on their blogging styles.

In essence, you lose touch of yourself, why you started, your true message and your blogging goals overall. I must say here that it is very easy to compare and be lost in comparism as a blogger. You want your blog header to look a little like this, you want your content to be tailored towards that.

Stop and reconnect with your own blogging purpose because all the things you are doing have probably burnt you out. So, stop and reconnect. Why did you open your blog? Okay, there has been an upgrade of purpose after you opened your blog, what is it? How does this align with your general blogging values?

Go back to being yourself. Your readers like you just the way you are. The internet is wide enough to take in all kinds of bloggers. Your unique blogging perspective is therefore welcome. You don’t have to be like the next blogger.

Take a break, actually

If you are really exhausted and tired, take that break. You need a break to miss blogging sometimes. It helps you come back on powerfully. Instead of thinking of quitting, just drop all of it and take in air.

Shut down your system, stop typing on your notepad. Stop reading blogs. Just take a break. Be careful not to get out of touch totally anyway. This is why I talk about making blogger friends. While you are on a break, keep in touch with them.

A new project is enough to light up the spark in you again. A light bloggers discussion can get you refreshed again. So, keep in touch while you lay low.

Read other blogs in your niche

Blogging burnout is sometimes caused by loneliness. You are in your sea all by yourself. You have lost touch with blogging ideas. So many other things can be responsible for your burnout. What I have come to realize is that spotting the cause of blogging burnout is another method that can help you bounce back.

If writer’s block is why you are burnt out, just begin to read other blogs. Enjoy their posts, comment on them, and just have fun reading and discovering new blogs. In no time, you will be back up.

Reduce the pressure

Take things easy. One of the reasons bloggers are burnt out is because they put on themselves too much of pressure. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Don’t be pressured into doing everything all at the same time.

Choose blogging events to go to. Let your readers know when you can respond to their emails, don’t be pressured into responding to ‘urgent’ emails. Outsource some of your blogging tasks to friends who don’t mind. In fact, for some of us, family understands what blogging means to us, bring them on board.

You can get someone to handle your social media sharing. Someone can help you with taking your pictures. If you need to pay for some services like a total blog makeover, and you can afford it, do. Just take the pressure off, it’s killing your blogging joy.

Be patient 

Blogging success means many things to many people. For some, it’s blogging engagement, for others, it’s mad traffic, for some, it’s plenty money from blogging. I do not know what blogging success means to you but whatever it means to you, be patient while you work towards attaining it.

The pressure to become a successful blogger can drive you to exasperation when things don’t work out well in your timeline. Calm down and take this one step at a time. There were points where I become sad in my blogging journey. I lost so much of joy, I began to place my success against successes of bloggers who started when I did.

Just relax. Stop and relax. Take a cue from successful bloggers, learn what they are doing right but don’t be pressured into being who they are to get to where you want to get to.

Are you currently experiencing a burn out? Have you experienced blogging burnout in the past? How did you get back on your feet? Let’s discuss in the comments section. If you would like to privately talk to me, send an email to

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