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What kind of blog traffic do you have?

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Blog traffic in numbers is very good. It validates you as a Blogger, exposes what you do and write to a larger audience, technically increases your chances of earning more and boosts your blogging ego overall.

It would however make no sense if a ridiculous little of that traffic subscribes to your blog. If your traffic isn’t converting well it might be useless traffic. You don’t want useless traffic, trust me.

If an advertiser were to place Ads on your blog, what value would they get? If you were to sell a product, how much would sell on your blog? The answer is high quality blog traffic.


High quality traffic is people that are interested, people that listen, people that like what the blog is all about. We are so used to seeing traffic in numbers so much that we forget that they are actual people.

1,000 isn’t just a number, we are talking about hits or people, as the case may be. If you were selling hair extensions and your blog is about beauty, style or hair, you should be able to know the kind of blog traffic you have by how many of the 1,000 purchase the hair extensions in a day.

Here are some indicators of high quality blog traffic.

High average session duration
Low bounce rate
High number of pages per session

How to increase the quality of your blog traffic

1. Write quality content

Everywhere you turn to, if it’s an article on blogging, you won’t miss the quality content advice. Thing is this isn’t cliche, this is what works. If you write shabby or hurried, people won’t like what you are about.

You have to give people good reasons to stay on your blog. If your blog post is a 3 minute read, it’s all gone down the drain if people can’t spend 20 seconds on that page.

They are probably just skimming through because they can’t stand the low quality of the article. You can’t convince this blog visitor to subscribe to your blog. It’s just ABC logic.

2. Deploy good interlinking

Link to other pages on your blog if they are related to the blog post. This will help to reduce bounce rates on your blog. It is also a good way to increase the number of pages per user session.

Below are good interlinking tips

1. Make your anchor text keyword rich. This will help your general SEO.
2. Make your anchor text actual words and not just naked URLS or single words like ‘here’ or ‘click’
3. Let your anchor text have a distinct formatting from the rest of the blog text. Some themes come with bad anchor text configuration, speak to a blog designer to change the colour. You can also make them bold or in italics.

5. Stay focused

Don’t go writing about politics if your audience is fashion based. They can read about politics elsewhere if they are interested. They are on your blog to feed their vanities and be entertained, nothing deeper than that.

Once or twice is enough to write on what’s not customary on your blog. Too much of foreign and new stuff will confuse your blog readers. If they don’t unsubscribe from your blog, they will stop visiting.

6. Use headings and paragraphs liberally

Dividing your content into paragraphs and headings make for good reading flow. It makes your text appealing to read.

If you ever taught you would agree with me that the student with the finest hand writing and good formatting won you over. You spend time reading through and liking them generally.

It’s easier for your blog readers to understand you better with use of headings and paragraphs. You can read this article on components of a great blog post.

7. Be resourceful

Link externally to other useful articles, answer their questions in the comments section, just be resourceful and watch them stick around for longer.

8. Use other media

Graphics have been known to make content more valuable. Use stunning pictures as your featured images. If you can, add pictures within your blog posts.

Videos are also very good to keep your readers stay glued to your page. It drives home the point faster.

So, what do you think about your blog traffic as we speak? Do you think that it is quality enough?

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