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101 Blog post Ideas for a sizzling blog

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Coming up with blog post ideas can be daunting especially if you are very busy and your blog isn’t a full-time job. Coming up with great blog post ideas can be more challenging if you are looking to have a blog that people will fall in love with the moment they come on.

Great blog post ideas can transform your blog from meh and drab to awesome and sizzling hot. Sometimes these blog post ideas come to you really easily, other times you are on your note pad with nothing tangible.

What’s worse is if you have the much-dreaded blogger’s block for a while. This is one of the hardest of phases to go through as a Blogger. It has a way of sinking you into desperation, despondency and if there was a term like it, blogging depression.

Your blog is not supposed to be just manageable and there, you want it sizzling hot and great. This is why you need these blog post ideas. You might save or bookmark this page and come back to it much later if you need to refer to it per time.

If I can get to it, I will also try to convert this post into a downloadable pdf file so that you can always easily refer to it offline.

Putting together these 101 blog post ideas is a blog post idea on its own spun off from the awesome feedback I got from the other blog post ideas I have published in the past.

I have three of them that are well received the most, you can find them here:

Valentine blog post ideas
Holiday blog post ideas
Easter blog post ideas

I have decided that this one will be more comprehensive and inclusive so that no matter your niche and the season we are in at the moment, you can pick some of them and still find them very relevant to you.

Some of the blog post ideas might not fit into your niche so just filter out.

blog post ideas for beginners

#1 Blog your opinion on the most recent happenings or trending things in your industry, your country or the world at large.

#2 Share a list of tools or resources that have helped you at work or in your business.

#3 Share some productivity or self-care tips that you have personally adopt.

#4 What is that thing you are doing or trying out for the first time?

#5 Share a recent experience that has got you thinking at work or about life generally.

#6 Share your thoughts about money, saving and/or buying luxuries.

#7 Share the most difficult time or experience you have had on your job or at school.

#8 What did you want to be when you grow up? Share with your blog readers if you accomplished that.

#9 What do you think of entrepreneurship? Do you work for yourself or work for someone?

#10 Share a list of lessons from your favorite movie.

#11 Share your playlist with your blog readers.

#12 Write about what you are thinking of lately.

#13 Compile a tutorial that is very related to your blog niche.

#14 Share a list of products or services you are totally loving.

#15 Who is your favorite celebrity of all times and what do you think they would be if they were not celebrities in their fields?

#16 Prepare an awesome checklist, a really great one. This blog post ideas post is one, another one is the 15-point checklist I made for people looking to start their blogs on their own and in just 30 minutes.

#17 Write a book review. You don’t have to be a professional book critic. Just share your thoughts.

#18 Share a list of your most favorite blogs or Bloggers. This could be Bloggers in your niche, country or just generally.

#19 How do you generate your blog post ideas on a normal day? Share your blogging tips as regards this.

#20 Document your blog processes from start to finish. This will inspire other Bloggers reading your blog and get blog readers to appreciate your creativity.

#21 Answer the most frequently asked questions about you, your blog or a product/service you offer in a blog post.

#22 Compile and share the most recent DIY you have been exposed to.

#23 Talk about your job or what course you are studying and a piece of advice on how people can start out in that field.

#24 Write a list of 10 things you wish you knew before you did some certain thing. Examples, before you got married, before you went to university, before you started a blog etc.

#25 Write a note to your younger self.

#26 Write a note to your older self.

#27 Address a societal ill in a blog post.

#28 Celebrate your blog anniversary with a giveaway.

#29 Interview an influencer in your industry.

#30 Critic a recent development and say what you would do if you were in charge.

#31 Share or make a cool infographic. It is very easy to make one with Canva. Check this post to see one I made in just 30 minutes with Canva.

#32 Compile a list of famous quotes by a particular person of famous quotes about a subject.

#33 Share your quiet time lessons with your readers or a piece of your sermon note.

#34 Talk about the worst day of your life.

#35 Share your most horrifying/embarrassing moment in life just yet.

#36 Create a bucket list of travel spots you will like to go to or things you would like to do before you die.

#37 Talk about who inspires you the most.

#38 Share a video that inspires you with your blog readers.

#39 Write a short story, fiction or non-fiction.

#40 Create a list. This “blog post ideas” list, for instance is one. You can write things like – Top 10 movies to watch this month, Top 10 books/songs/people of the year etc.

#41 Share what you do when you are bored.

#42 Talk about your most frequently used apps.

#43 Share your to-do list for a day.

#44 Document a typical day in your life.

#45 Ask for and publish a guest post.

#46 Organize a giveaway on your blog.

#47 Publish the best comments you have ever received since the beginning of your blogging.

#48 Do a round-up post or weekend link posts.

#49 Share your blog’s statistics and blog progress so far. You can also share what you would like to do going forward.

#50 If you are up to it and are already making money from your blog, publish your blog’s income reports.

#51 Start an opinion poll and publish a separate post on the poll results.

#52 Share what you think about the launch of a recent popular product.

#53 Share gifs on a topic to illustrate your thoughts.

#54 Share bizarre or scarcely known facts.

#55 Write about a recent event you went to. Be sure to include stunning pictures and/ or videos.

#56 Create a roundup post on a topic you have written on the most on your blog.

#57 Write an “about me” post, only a longer one. Or a post on “things you didn’t know about me”

#58 Make a post about your most popular posts of all time, for the year or for the month and why you think they became popular.

#59 Share your marketing secrets. They could be social media tips or otherwise.

#60 Share your newest recipes or food discovery.

#61 Write about what you could do all day if you had the time or the money.

#62 Ask for general blog feedback and ask your readers to genuinely share what they would like to read more of on your blog.

#63 Ask for advice on a very important or sensitive issue.

#64 Write a “thank you” post and tell your audience how grateful you are to have them follow you.

#65 Do a blog series on something you know a lot about.

#66 Update an old post and republish it again for people who missed it at first.

#67 Write a post in your handwriting, take a photo of it and publish on your blog.

#68 Make a list of useful, interesting and resourceful people/accounts your followers should follow on Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter.

#69 Publicly wish someone special or yourself a happy birthday on your post. You can write out your heart’s content.

#70 Advertise a blog reader’s craft or create a post where you ask people to advertise themselves on your blog.

#71 Compile a list of useful apps and free resources for people in your field or readers in your niche.

#72 Write an open letter to an influential or very popular person.

#73 Write a blog post on blog post ideas for Bloggers specifically in your niche.

#74 Share slides from your most recent presentation.

#75 Write on insights and lessons in the past year in your industry. Predict the coming year in your industry.

#76 If you are up for it, make your goals and dreams into a blog post.

#77 Share a behind the scenes of anything. It could be on your interesting job or a very sizzling project in school.

#78 Start a challenge on your blog and ask your blog readers to participate in it.

#79 Write a response to a social media post you think needs a longer write up on your blog.

#80 Ask your blog readers a question.

#81 Rant about something that has frustrated you recently.

#82 Compile a “did you know” post about facts in your blogging niche or field/industry.

#83 Write a myth vs fact post on a very popular topic you know your blog readers will be dying to read.

#84 Share a favorite childhood memory

#85 Write about your past challenges and how you overcame them.

#86 Share your idea of a healthy lifestyle or your fitness routine.

#87 Share your monthly goals or goals you ticked off the list last month.

#88 Share a list of podcasts/ YouTube channels your audience should listen or subscribe to.

#89 Compile a list of Top 10 TED talks in a field or on a subject. E.g Top 10 TED talks for women, Top 5 TED talks to boost your productivity, Top 10 TED talks on love and relationships etc.

#90 Write on how you stay organized, productive or motivated.

#91 Dare your blog readers to do something really helpful. E.g write for 31 days, give something special to someone every week, declutter their lives, wardrobe, relationships etc.

#92 Share an ootd post. What did you wear to work, to an event or to school today?

#93 Review your favorite restaurant.

#94 Write a post on your beauty essentials.

#95 Discuss what you cannot live without, or what you must do every day.

#96 Write a post on an event in future you would like your readers to attend.

#97 Share your morning routine.

#98 Write a “how to” post on something very useful.

#99 Write a comprehensive beginner guide on something you are very versatile on. I wrote something about everything one needs to know to start and run a successful blog.

#100 Write on why you started blogging and if it has been worth it so far. You can also write a “how to start your own blog” post like I did.

#101 Write a post asking your blog readers of the next post they want you to write on.

These blog post ideas are especially not hard and fast. You will be surprised at what blog post titles you can come up with with just even a few of what we have here.

Please share blog posts that you come up with in the comments section.

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