Black short hairstyle

Black short hairstyles for 2018

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Black short hairstyles are beginning to take the scene. Ever since Rihanna made the short hairstyle popular, people went rogue and well, I do not blame them. Why? If your face shape supports it, you can instantly move from drab to sassy.

With all of the myths, misconceptions and hate for the black hair, it’s still growing stronger than ever even. It’s so fun seeing women own what they have and making it awesome.

Below are some exceptionally beautiful black short hairstyles that you can rock:

1. The Solange Afro

This is one of the simplest natural hairstyles you can ever wear because it is very easily manageable. If you have good edges, this is the best hairstyle to show them off. Go Solange style!

Black Solange hairstyle

2. Purple dyed

This is not only funky, it’s all of the experimental you can ever imagine. Add some colour to your hair and watch heads turn. Purple is definitely a great colour to start with but you can go red, brown, gold and even pink if you really don’t care.



3. The Afro Part

This is one way to bring some life to your afro. If you don’t want to go the Solange style, you can part your afro by the side. I don’t know why I prefer the right side parting, I guess it’s habit. This is probably why I decided to show off this picture.

short afro


4. Curly Afro

This is another variation of the ordinary afro. I don’t know about having the type 1 natural hair. You might find it too difficult to apply this if you have such a thick, straight hair but anyway, you can give it try still. Read about the different types of natural hair here.


5. Teeny Weeny Sass

Fun, life and new! Get your TWA popping with this kind of short black hairstyle. Part generously, curl liberally and just style away. Black short hairstyles can be simple and sweet


6. Teeny Weeny Afro

This short black afro style is probably the most common way low budget, busy women style their hair. It is so low maintenance that all you have to do is LOC. Leave in conditional, oil and then cream, you are good to go. You can also wash as much as you want. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve beautiful black short hairstyles.

7. Wavy Short Natural Hair

With a good leave in conditioner, styling gel and some protein based moisturizers, you’d achieve these curls. Add some funky by parting it in. Style as you wish too.

black short hairstyles

8. The Big Chop Edge

This is definitely what to do after the big chop. With a barber who knows what he is doing, good edges and great hair care products, you are off to steal the show.

barbed hairstyle

9. Short black hairstyles – pixie cut

The Rihanna look! Oh my, the pixie cut is all you need to come on alive. If you can’t get to make this on your hair, you can buy a good wig to help you achieve this look.


pixie cut


You can check out more black hairstyles here if you are that black hair style insatiable.

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