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Bisola Aiyeola, the ‘hard work pays any day’ model for young women

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This article will be looking at the life of Bisola Aiyeola, her early life, education, career, age, and personal Life.

Bisola Aiyeola is a Nigerian actress, singer, singer, presenter, and the first runner-up for Big Brother Naija in 2017. Bisola Aiyeola rose to prominence when she became the first runner-up for Big Brother Naija the 2017 edition.

She had lots of fans that watched the show and voted massively for her. In this article, we will be looking at Bisola Aiyeola’s life, her career, her fame, her daughter, her awards and everything else you need to know about her.

She is one of the notable Nigerians who has taken the Nigerian acting industry to the world stage. She doesn’t do just acting as we will look at in this article, she also does singing and is a popular singer as well. Follow us through this article, let’s explore!

Early Life

Bisola Aiyeola

Abisola Ayeola was born on the 3rd day in June, 1986 in the United Kingdom, Britain. She was born into a rich household, she had everything she wanted as her parents were very wealthy people.

But as time went on, her family had financial problems and they had to move back to Nigeria. Bisola and her family moved back to a rural part of Nigeria and Biola continued her basic studies. They moved back to Nigeria when Bisola was eight years old.

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They lived with Bisola’s cousins. All these pushed Bisola to start working at a very young age. When she was younger, she used to work as a salesperson in order to earn some income. Abisola used to sell beauty products to make a living when she was younger.

Obviously, we can see from Bisola’s childhood and teenhood that she had it tough. But it has all paid off.


Bisola Aiyeola

Not much is known about where Abisola attended for her primary and secondary school education, but she schooled a bit in the U.K obviously and did the rest of her secondary education in Nigeria. For her tertiary education, Abisola Aiyeola attended National Open University to study Business Management.


Bisola Aiyeola

She first started her career in the entertainment industry when she contested in 2008 on Project Fame helped her tremendously to gain success in the film industry. After Project Fame, she went into acting squarely and acted in a number of movies like Gold Statue, Payday, The Life of a Nigerian Couple, Forever With Us, Two Grannies and a Baby, Picture Perfect and so on.

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It is worth mentioning that the 2008 Project Fame edition that she came 5th in, was the same edition that popular Nigerian singer Iyanya came first in. Asides from acting, she contested in the second season of Big Brother Naija and was the first runner-up.

The Big Brother Naija participation made her very popular as she gained a whole lot of fans from the reality show.

Her baby daddy who is late now, helped her acting career a lot. He was a producer named Malcolm Olanrewaju. Both of them had a romantic affair but they later broke up. After Big Brother Naija, she gained a lot of fame so much that she got lots of endorsements.

As for her musical career, Bisola has released a number of singles like Boda Luku in 2018, Bad Girl in 2017, Luchia in 2017, Controlla a brand new song by Bisola was released in late 2018 and so on. Asides from being a powerful actress, she is also a powerful singer and has been praised for her musical talent. Bisola is also a radio presenter on WFM, 91.7 FM, a popular radio station for Women and their families.

Awards and Nominations

In 2018, Abisola Aiyeola won the Trailblazer’s award on September 1. The award came with a mighty SUV. She was really stunned that she got this award as she was moved to tears while being presented with the award. Abisola has also been nominated in 2017 for the Revelation of the Year Female at the City People Movie Awards although she didn’t win it.

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Abisola was given the Trailblazer’s award for her immense contributions to the entertainment industry and her humanitarian efforts towards the advancement of woman and children in the Nigerian society. She dedicated the award to her mother and her daughter. Also, on Instagram, Abisola Aiyeola has a huge following of over 1 million people!

Personal Life

Bisola Aiyeola baby daddy

Abisola Aiyeola had a romantic relationship with Mr Malcolm Olanrewaju as we stated earlier and they both had a daughter. Mr Malcolm Olanrewaju died in 2018 of an undisclosed illness. He was ill for some period of time before he died.

Mr Malcolm was very supportive of Bisola’s acting career and helped her a lot. Although the couple broke up a long time ago. Abisola Aiyeola said in an interview that they broke up due to physical abuse. But Mr Malcolm Olanrewaju said that it was due to the fact that there was too much difference in who they were as individual people and that they were not very compatible as a couple. The couple were no longer together as at the time late Mr Malcolm died, but they remained friends.

Abisola Aiyeola has a daughter who is Bisola and Malcolm’s offspring. Her name is Leyla and she is currently eight years old. Abisola is very fond of her daughter and is always frequently talking about her. Bisola says that her daughter is also interested in acting and that she loves to sing and dance.

Also, it is worth mentioning that during the BBNaija contest, Bisola had a brief romantic relationship with “Thin Tall Tony”, another housemate and contestant in the Big Brother Naija House. Although, they later split. Abisola Aiyeola is currently dating Jeff Akoh according to reports.

As you can see, Abisola Aiyeola is indeed a strong woman. She has had her share of problems in life but she keeps overcoming life’s obstacles. She is indeed a role model for other Nigerian women and has immense love for her daughter.

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