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I found the best Personal Fitness Trainer in Ilorin

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If you are on a search, finding the best personal fitness trainer is going to be an entirely time-consuming project. I would like to think that finding a personal fitness trainer in Lagos and some other metropolitan parts of Nigeria is not as uphill as finding a personal fitness trainer in Ilorin.

The less metropolitan, the more stressful it is to get anything. This goes as far as finding the best gyms near you. Only that in this case, going to the best gyms in Ilorin might not be exactly what you are looking for.

Working with a personal fitness trainer is far more than just walking into any gyms to train yourself. With a personalized approach to accomplishing your goals and reaching a body health target, it is easier, more convenient and maybe faster (relative to doing this all on your own without supervision).

When I moved down to Ilorin from Lagos, it was not long before I decided to take my fitness seriously. I work from home and even if you have no idea of what goes down on this path, you know that it is a sedentary lifestyle.

My friends would joke about how dangerous it is for us to sit all day, on our computer systems. One of them is scared that his heart might just stop beating or he may go into a heart attack situation. Inasmuch as we all laugh this off, it was a mental call for me to take my health and fitness seriously.

I knew that it was time to get on to business. Only that I was in Ilorin and I had just given myself the task of finding a gym or fitness center in Ilorin. This is not even to mention that I wanted the best fitness centers you can ever find here.

I quickly found out that having a personal fitness trainer is the best for anyone who has a schedule as tight as I do.

Why a personal fitness trainer is better than group workout sessions

No doubt, group workout sessions come with their own advantages. We are talking about the benefit of interacting with other people and drawing strength from their own push. If you have started working out and you did this solo, you already know how difficult it is to be on your own.

You are going to be your own cheerleader. Maybe that is not a bad thing on its own but from where do you source the grit to continue when your muscles become sore?

How do you have the willpower to forge when you climb on the scale and your figures do not even justify the sweat you wipe off from your body every other day?

So, really, group workout sessions are splendid in their own rights. In my article on working out for the first time, I mention that when you join a group workout class, it is important that you begin to connect with other people as soon as you can.

Now, if you are ready to take this a step further, you might have to opt for a personal fitness trainer. Why?

1. They work with your own schedule

This is always an easier way to drop an excuse – a tight schedule. If you work at a 9 to 5 and you barely have time for yourself, a gym or group workout will not help you, you have to find someone who is willing to be flexible with your time.

A personal fitness trainer is able to adjust and fit into your own free time. If you can work out the time for exercise amidst a draining work life, your productivity is going to be up a thousand times more.

2. They understand your body

How many times have you walked into a gym to pull weights and understood exactly what it is for? The mindless running on the treadmill, pulling and tugging of strings, not to mention, the resultant strain on your muscle. What if all of that is going to hurt you more than it would help you?

You definitely want to know what you are doing right. A personal fitness trainer is going to be your guide. They will tell you what muscle groups you need to work on in the first place to get the body you want. Don’t forget that it would make no sense to sculpt your body the wrong way due to bad body forms.

3. Your nutrition is monitored

Maybe you haven’t realized this but exercising alone will not get you to where you really want to be. If you want to be fit, you need to consider a holistic approach and this is not limited to exercising only.

Your diet is as much an important factor as your activity level. With a personalized fitness training plan, you have access to the best advice when it comes to your diet. They know what works and what doesn’t. They may not be doctors but they understand the physiology of the human body and can give you advice based on your own body type.

4. You have rights to a cheerleader

Oh yeah. A personal fitness trainer won’t let you slack. Funny thing is how the words they say linger in your memory for such a very long time. Phrases like ‘no pain, no gain’ have gone on to influence my thought processes in some other life aspects.

If no one is going to push you to be your best, your personal fitness trainer is being paid for that so you have no choice than to be cheered on. A fitness partner can only do so much but a personal fitness trainer is obligated to push you to your maximum potential.

5. The risk of injury is greatly reduced

In case you haven’t noticed, you run a risk of sustaining injuries during exercise. The likelihood that this will happen is increased if you are new to this or you are much older than 40 years.

With a personal fitness trainer, the guidance you have will help to greatly reduce the risk of injury that other people would normally be susceptible to on their own.

6. Accountability

You have no choice here, the result is compulsory. So if you are good at not putting in the work or giving up too soon or cheating on your routines, a personal fitness trainer is your best bet! You have paid someone to assume the role of making sure you are not deceiving yourself.

7. Exercise is fun

I know right, you heard the opposite. They told you working with a personal fitness trainer is boring. Well, I am glad to announce to you that they lied. This is absolutely not true. A personal fitness trainer is the master of fun ways to workout. You can’t come up with these fun routines by yourself.

They are able to switch up on routines and bring spice into your exercise life. On your own, you will be bored and tired of the same moves every time. Boredom is one of the reasons why people stop exercising anyway.

8. It is more productive and effective

If you are going for results, a personal fitness trainer is the best option. Your routines are not going to be aimless and everywhere. You are going to have a focused and goal-oriented exercise.

All by yourself, the insight you need to move from where you are right now to where you want to be is not readily available. You need someone who understands the terrain and knows what doesn’t work.

A personal trainer will set realistic goals for you. Because they understand what gives and what doesn’t make sense, they are not the ones to join the ‘lose all your belly fat in one-week’ bandwagon.

9. A personal fitness trainer gives you a holistic view of health and fitness

In my article, other benefits of exercising asides from weight loss, I mention how it is that weight loss should not be the ultimate or only goal of exercise. Fitness is way beyond just losing weight. It is very easy to lose sight of this fact when you don’t see a significant reduction.

A personal fitness trainer will tell you that even though your numbers are still the same, you might have lost fat and replaced that with muscles so what you have is muscle weight causing the stagnancy or tiny weight bump.

Because health is more than just your body size, your personal fitness trainer will guide you into a better approach to looking out for yourself health-wise. You will be exposed to how that you need a healthy heart, muscles that are at work, a better mood booster than alcohol, a therapy for relaxation and a better night’s sleep. These are just a few of what exercising can do for you.

10. They are your unofficial therapist

Come to think of it, how many people will be willing to hear you whine about your stiff knees, the ridiculous number on the scale, your love handles or your obsession over Jennifer Lopez’s kind of body? A personal fitness trainer, the best kind, will hear you out and still be chill about it.

I mean, they have heard so much from many people and this isn’t new to them. They are able or in the real sense of the word, capable to see your concerns as valid. To your colleague, these are complaints, to your trainer, they are a cause for concern. They are always available to calm your nerves and provide a much more realistic way to look at your problems.

What to look out for in a personal fitness trainer

If you are convinced that a personal fitness trainer is your best bet, you might need to be certain that you are not falling into the wrong hands. Who wants to pay for a service that’s crappy?

1. A good personal fitness trainer is even though firm, sensitive

I know how that your personal fitness trainer should push you to your maximum potential and cause you to be the best that you can be but if they are not sensitive to your needs, your health challenges or your emotional plight in instances when this comes up, ditch them.

An instance is if you just had a baby and are looking to get back into shape. Juggling nursing a child and focusing on yourself might be mentally and emotionally stressful. You don’t want to be with a trainer who isn’t sensitive to your needs in that manner. They should give you time to breathe while they work with you to get your results.

2. Are they professional?

Do they come at the time they say they will? Have they crossed physical boundaries with you in a manner that is worrisome? How do they treat you as a client? These are questions you should ask yourself. Maybe you won’t know this until you work with them for a week.

Usually, good personal fitness trainers allow you to have doubts and satisfy your curiosity, so they let you be trained for free for the first time. This is what I like about Prestige Fit. Personal trainers from Prestige Fit are very professional.

3. Do they know what they are doing?

If you are observant enough, you can be sure of whether to continue with a personal fitness trainer or not. If they seem to be confused, can’t answer your fitness questions in a clear manner, you have no business working with them. It is a waste of time!

4. How affordable are they?

We know that affordability is very relative. The truth is that many personal fitness trainers can be over-the-top expensive. Finding the best personal fitness trainer in Ilorin here might have a lot to do with how much they cost.

I found Prestige Fit to be very affordable in this regard. Given what they offer and their holistic approach to health and fitness, you will find no other group of personal fitness trainers in Ilorin this affordable.

5. A good personal fitness trainer is flexible

I understand how imperative it is for you as a client to respect your trainer’s time but if for once, they cannot readjust times and schedules to get things to work, you may be dealing with a rigid fitness trainer. A good personal fitness trainer should be able to work with you with what you have at the moment.

6. Do they challenge you?

Haven’t you noticed that fitness training goes beyond the actual exercise? A good fitness trainer should challenge even your thought processes. Mine usually tells me that it all starts with the mind and so if you can conquer your mind, you can control your body. 

So, do they challenge you to do better, to be a better person? Because in the end, a healthy body is not limited to only food and exercise. A healthy body has a sound mind and the right perspectives. A healthy human is emotionally balanced and mentally healthy. 

7. Do they look fit?

Okay, this is a no brainer but maybe you still want to use your sixth sense. I believe that a person’s fitness level might not be accurately judged by their appearance. I hear that some bouncers can’t even run a mile. But a fit person is sound all-round, not only in their activity level but in their relational manner. Your first time with them is all you need to ascertain this.

Where to find the best personal fitness trainer in Ilorin

I mentioned them a few times while I was sharing with you, what to look out for in a personal fitness trainer. Prestige Fit is currently the best that you can work with. Not only do they give you a personalized plan, but they are also everything I have talked about and more. 

Working with a firm, professional, sensitive, driven and knowledgeable personal fitness trainer is every trainee’s goal and so if this is yours too, you are in safe hands. 

The best part is that they take their first session with you for free. This way you are able to familiarize yourself with their method and decide if you want to keep on working with them to achieve your fitness goals or not. 

To contact them and schedule a call, chat or meeting, here is their number – +2348109302295

If you have questions or concerns about getting a personal fitness trainer, you can comment below or shoot me an email –

Hopefully, you see the need to take your fitness seriously. If this has helped spark something in you as regards your health and your lifestyle, I would love to know. Please share with me in the comments section. 

Cheers to a better and fit lifestyle.


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