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7 awesome benefits of exercise (asides weight loss)

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Weight loss seems to be the only motivation for exercise these days. This is not to blame anyone because, to be totally honest with you, I was exactly like this!

My perspective to exercise changed when my life began to take a total turn around. Maybe I had not been a regular exercise person before now but this month has been the most consistent ever.

Coupled with all the other benefits I have reaped from exercising, (didn’t matter how little), I want to say that this is one of the best things that have happened in my life.

If you have never considered adding exercise routines no matter how short, this article should begin to cause a stir in your heart. I most sincerely hope that you will take the plunge and do something right away.

You do not have to spend hours at the gym or get involved in anything that drains your pocket. All you have to do is to incorporate this into your lifestyle.

A friend of mine walks to and from work every day. This is 20 minutes of walk and she talks about how good she really feels. That was free, no gym, nothing extra.

Benefits of exercise (that are not weight loss)

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Exercise helps to improve your mood

I find that exercising very early in the morning and late at night works best for this purpose. Outdoor exercising in the morning especially helps to ensure adequate production of Vitamin D and this, in turn, helps to greatly alleviate mood swings.

The other reason it helps to improve your mood is that you have access to other people outside your home. You exchange pleasantries with a friend. This most certainly helps people whose jobs are very sedentary. I say this from personal experience. Having to stay indoors or within an office, all day can be very depressing. A walk around and a breath of fresh air will do the magic!

It improves your digestion

If you ever have stiff bowels, you should move more. You will be shocked how quickly it impacts your digestion. Exercise helps to ease constipation.

One of the reasons some people find it hard to empty their bowels is that they are stressed. With regular exercise, stress can be easily controlled.

Exercise improves the quality of your sleep

This is one of the reasons I covet evening walks the most. It sets the tone for your nightly routine and brings you to a state of better rest. After exercise, it is much easier to fall asleep. If you experience insomnia or any other sleep disorders, you should try to add exercise to your lifestyle.

It heals and maintains relationships

Maybe you have never thought about this before, but couples who exercise together have a stronger relationship. This is because they have more bonding time. They are able to share workout pains and look after each other.

This period is also when they have casual, mundane and relaxing talks. People who are very busy use exercise periods to connect with their family and friends.

In my article, what successful people do on weekends, I mentioned that exercise is a major part of their lives. They bond and maintain relationships with people that matter to them.

Exercise increases your energy levels

If you have chronic fatigue syndrome, exercise is an effective therapy for you! That may sound counterintuitive but all of the feel-good hormones that are released helps to double up your energy level. So, when you feel tired and grumpy and groggy, try exercising. You are going to feel much better afterward.

It increases your endurance threshold

Endurance is going to be necessary as you move on in life. You are going to learn that as you grow older. Endurance is the ability to go through very difficult or unpleasant processes and still stay put.

Life is going to happen and if you are not resilient, you may break or begin to live a thoroughly unsatisfied life. What exercise does is that it trains you into patience and restraint.

At first, I could only walk for 30 minutes, but I can now go for an hour. That is what endurance does; exercise teaches you that for free. You will be surprised how this comes to play even in your day to day activities.

Exercise teaches you discipline

If you are going to reap from the rewards of exercising, you will have to be consistent. You will have to learn how to devote to your health and your wellbeing. Exercise teaches you to be at something for as long as forever. It is a mental process of will power and action.

In conclusion,

While exercising is a good idea for people who want to lose weight, it does not stop as that. This notion is probably why people who are slim do not bother to incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. Do not miss out on all of what you stand to gain if you devote some time to exercising.

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