Bella Naija Interviews first runner up BBNaija and ONE Ambassador, Bisola Aiyeola. Read….

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Bella Naija Interviews Bisola Aiyedun

As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child today, we are privileged to read the exclusive interview Bella Naija had with Bisola Aiyeola. We get to love Bisola more after this interview. Read the interview below:

Bella Naija: We could not help but feel a swell of pride when we saw you
in New York during 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 72) and then
at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeepers event where you spoke up
for Girls Education.
Bisola: It was a very enlightening experience I must say. I got to
listen to Barack Obama, Bill and Melinda Gates, PM Justin Trudeau and other
individuals around the globe who are putting in lots of efforts to make the
world a better place and I am happy that I am part of and we are
lending our voice to help educate all girls. With ONE #GirlsCount campaign that
advocates for young girls getting a quality education, would you say your
personal story is pushing you to do more?
Yes, my personal story is pushing me and also the fact that
I have a daughter. By advocating for girl’s education we are helping to raise a
generation of people who know the importance of education and who will use
education to empower themselves and their communities.
Bella Naija : Globally 130 million girls are out of school, with over 50
million of them in Africa. ONE is launching a report on October 11
(International Day of the Girl Child), which highlights the toughest countries
for a girl to get an education and the huge barriers girls face to getting the
education they deserve, especially in Africa. The issue of girls education is
predominantly faced in Northern Nigeria. Why is this campaign very important to you and how can we
also do better?
Bisola: Nine out of the ten worst countries are in Africa. Over 50
million girls are out of school in Africa – that’s over 50 million potential
engineers, entrepreneurs and politicians whose leadership the world is missing
out on. It’s a continental crisis that perpetuates poverty. ONE calls on
African and world leaders to make a bold action to tackle the global education
It starts with committing to work towards delivering 20
percent of national budgets to education. You too can get involved by showing
your support by posting a video or a picture encouraging our leaders to invest
in girls education.
Bella Naija : We know you were selected as ONE Ambassador during BBNaija.
We will love to know more…
Bisola : My primary role as ONE ambassador is to advocate for basic
education for the girl child all the way up to secondary school. Every girl
child globally should have at least primary school education rather than no
education at all. In the BBNaija house, you bravely opened up about not
graduating from university and being a single mum. That really endeared a lot
of people to you and also inspired others. Seeing as the norm in Africa is to
shy away from discussions like those, what inspired your candour?
Too many people are silent about issues like this because
they have been mocked and shamed. I am proud to be a mother and times are
changing. Silence has done more harm than good to a lot of people, so what
inspired me to speak was my journey in life, my ups and my hope that my journey
would encourage others.
What has been the biggest difference for you, in terms of
your career, before and after BBNaija?
The growth. My career still requires a lot of hard work but
I’m in a good place. I work with an amazing management team, The Temple
Company. I am able to help people more but some friends feel I don’t have time
for them anymore. I just try to make them understand that I’m still trying to
adjust my work and family to this new phase of my life and if they want to
still be part of this journey they should come on board.
Bella Naija : Will your character, Didi in “Skinny Girl in Transit” get
her own “Mide”?
Bisola : Lips sealed, you just have to watch this season unfold every
Friday. I pray Didi gets her own Mide too. But anyway, we will see.
Bella Naija : Talking about romance, is dating easier or more difficult
now that you are THE Bisola Aiyeola and is love a priority?
Bisola : About dating, it’s like there’s a thick cloak covering my
dating sensors because there are no dates *laughs*. I don’t know if it’s easier
or more difficult. I guess I’ve just been more occupied with work. Love is not
a priority. Work and family & my activism take priority.
We know you have a new single out now.
Music is definitely taking focus now because I never really
put my all into it but now I have the Temple Company and Temple Music. I will
roll out more music for sure.
Bella Naija : Do you consider yourself a comedian? We miss your skits on
Instagram! Bella Naija
Bisola : I haven’t considered myself a comedian but people always
call me that. I also miss those Instagram skits *laughs*. So I have a few that
will be out soon. I’m not giving up on those skits.
You have been on the grind in the entertainment industry for
many years and now you are a star. Many people can relate to striving so hard
to make it in their chosen professions or businesses and it seems like they
can’t “catch a break”. What advice do you have for them?
My advice will be “don’t stop”. It’s been a long tough
journey for me and I am not even started yet. So what I’ll tell anybody is
consistency is your friend. Keep pushing, one day the breakthrough will come.
Bella Naija : What does the future hold for Bisola


Bisola : With God on my side, with good health, long life, family and
friends and a sound mind, I see greatness. More music, more movies and more
giving back to society.
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