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5 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog

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before you start a blog


I have a checklist of topics to write on but while I was assigning priority to them, I decided to go for a topic that concerns people who don’t even have a blog at all. I thought, let me intimate prospective Bloggers on what happens on this divide of life.
Oh, if you have a blog, this post is going to be just as useful and as important too.
A lot of people are skeptical about opening their blogs because of many reasons. One of the most popular reasons is the lack of technical know-how. I will just quickly let you know that that’s just a fancy word, actually.
Other reasons why people eventually do not open their blogs are procrastination, laziness, lack of money, fear etc…

You don’t need to be a computer programmer to start a blog, you only need clear purpose and content ideas, the rest will sort themselves out. You can check out my blog post on minimum requirements you need to start your blog.


1. Know why you want to blog


It is very important to decide on why you want to start a blog in the first place. A clear purpose will give you more power in the face of challenges. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a blog because you want to make money. At least, we know why you are blogging in the first place.
A lot of times, Bloggers stop mid-way because they are exhausted and burned out. While these are frequent things that happen to Bloggers, they are not reasons enough for you to stop blogging altogether. And that’s why quitting your blog won’t be an option if you decided to open a blog because of a cause, or to market your small scale business or to deeply connect with people who share the same passion as you do.

It’s okay to open your blog because you love the idea of being a Blogger but first, determine your blogging purpose. It will go a very long way.Also read: why do you blog?

2. You are not going to make money the next day


I know that people are gradually coming to terms with this fact, praise God. So, Linda Ikeji bought a house in Banana Island out of blogging proceeds and I remember, that year, half of the boys in my class opened blogs. The other half asked me how to,  lol. Kidding.
I wonder why men are the ones to always jump into jama jama, make-the-money-now-now, get-rich-quick schemes. But like I predicted, they all rushed out the way they rushed in.

It’s not like you can’t open a blog for the sole purpose of money making, the real truth is that you can’t ever expect that million the next hour. If you found someone who achieved that, you’d be  told that they prepared for launch day months earlier and strategically planned the 24-hour monetization.Also read : how I earn money as a Blogger

3. Blogging is not for lazy folks


Forget about opening a blog if you are lazy. You can get by having a few blog readers but that’d be all. Becoming a successful Blogger who is able to achieve blogging goals will be difficult if you are lazy.

You need to write, market your content, understand some blogging concepts here and there and build a tribe. If you are lazy, you already know that it’s not going to work. Blogging requires consistency, persistence, determination and even resilience.Also read : 7 ways to become a better Blogger

4. You need social media


I am probably the only person who frequently comes across prospective Bloggers who don’t want to have anything to do with social media. Not even one social channel. Someone once told me that she would like to open a blog but she is not a social media person.
Except you are opening a private blog, an online diary or an exclusive blog, you need social media. If you don’t like the internet generally, please don’t blog. It is a total waste of time. Before search engines pick up your posts, from where are you going to get blog readers if you don’t use social media.
Social media gives you a level of exposure marketing to individuals cannot. With social media you can build and establish authority. So before you open that blog, please understand that you need social media, thank you.

5. You need other Bloggers


One of the mistakes I personally made as a Blogger was to ostracize myself from the Blogger network. Truth actually is that I didn’t even know where to find Bloggers in the first place. When I started blogging, very few people had blogs and I didn’t even know them.
When I began to meet a few Bloggers, I didn’t use the opportunity, I discarded it. If you are thinking of starting your own blog, please don’t forget to connect with Bloggers especially those in your niche.

You rise up faster when you collaborate than when you compete because, really, the sky is big enough for everyone. With other Bloggers, you can share ideas, brainstorm, cross-promote and organize events.Also read : how to connect with other Bloggers

Are you starting a blog soon? When? Have you been blogging? What other advice would you give anyone just starting out?

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