Before You Settle…

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The sum total of all of your reactions towards your waiting period will expose you to you. Your waiting period will unravel some of the tendencies you have never ever thought would manifest. In fact, you will quickly settle into the positions you place yourself faster than you can ever imagine if you don’t take a step back to ‘test those Spirits’.

In despair, expensive decisions are made. Resolutions are reached and matters are carelessly handled. One of the worst places you can ever get to is the settlement point. This is where you think, ‘I’d go for anything right now, I’d take anything’

This may not be the right time to be blunt but I cannot point another time that’d be appropriate so let me quickly tell you that settling is an indication, a revelation of your lack of trust in God.

You have an idea of where you know for sure that your skill set is needed. Out of despair, you go for a lesser option with a value far less than you have ever thought of. You are sure of the kind of person God is likely to place in your life but out of desperation you settle for something far less.

Would you allow me point out just a few things to you before you settle?

1. God’s time is the best

I get it, clich√© but listen, this statement holds true and if you’d understand that God wants the best for you more than you want for yourself, you’d wait on him. His ways and thoughts are all in sync to bring you to an awesome end. Isaiah 55:8-9, Jer 29:11

2. Working out of alignment with God will frustrate you

If you are not functioning in the capacity God would rather you functioned, you’d struggle harder than you bargained for. The peace and anointing in operating under God’s divine placement and positioning far outweigh your reasoning.

3. Spend your waiting period gleaning all of the lessons you would have God teach you

Have you asked God what he wants you to do in this moment you are in? What if he is preparing you for that mate? What if he is depositing virtues and character and resources that you both will need? What if he is pruning away your haste tendencies and bringing you into a place of total trust?

Just before you settle into that shitty job, average relationship and questionable positioning, take a moment to assess if this is what you really want. If it isn’t what you really want, simply hold off and keep on working with God to prepare you for the place he has called you to be. James 1:12

Enjoy and savour the moment you are in for now.

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