Becoming conference 2017: Event review and Lessons

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Esther Adeniyi at Becoming conference 2017

Becoming conference 2017 was a life changer for me. For one, I was able to relate to many of the stories told and was therefore able to put myself in that spot where I could easily, without stress, glean from the wonderful women who spoke. Funto Ibuoye is a rare gem; The Beautified Network is such a great initiative.

I am happy that we are not just having the customary women’s gathering that we see everywhere with all of the paparazzi and stuff. This one is one of impact and enlightenment, spiritual and necessary.

That I could not find my name on the Master list on arrival (this particular thing has made me leave an event I registered for, it got to me as I passed for someone begging for a free pass at their stand) and the event started an hour and fifteen minutes later than expected were all tactics of the devil to put me off. O my, I was put off. Lord help my meticulous nature in Jesus’ name, Amen.

The praise and worship kicked off and everything changed. All I needed to connect was available and I worshiped from everything within me. Actually, kudos to the worship team, they picked the right songs.

Becoming conference audience

And then, the speakers began. #whew. I really can’t start a description of my experience on hearing and digesting each speaker so, I’ll just give a summary.

What I want to do now is give a roundup of the lessons I picked. I actually did a live tweet session at the event so all I have to do is compile them here and help you have a glimpse.

‘Our purpose is God’-Funto Ibuoye
“At certain junctions in our lives, there is always a
question that comes to us – who am I?”
“Who do you think God thinks you are”

“Who are you to God”
Ijeoma Ndukwe of Bubez Pap shared her story and it was inspiring. Tweets from her session below:
“Everybody has different pain thresholds. What breaks
me might not break you”
“Learn how to cry if you want to cry. Release your emotions”
“Don’t allow anyone to pressurize you. Do they know your
“The society judges you whether you have a ring on your
hands or not”
Tope Olagbegi, CEO of Sixth Sense came on and I got Rhema.

Tope Olagbegi at Becoming conference 2017
The tweets during her session are below:
“Brace up and face your reality. What are you doing
with your pain”
“You are never really going to become that woman if you
are not hearkening to the voice of the most high”
“What is God saying to you on this your journey of
“The journey of becoming starts when you find you”
“We need to build resilience inside of us because
things happen”

“With my size 18, I don’t need to hide behind clothes
to be loved”
Eno Jerry came on and she was fire! O my my, the atmosphere became super charged. Tweets from her session below:
Eno Jerry at Becoming conference 2017
“It is not too early to start any kind of prayer”
“You need strategic people in your life”
“Prayers work, nothing beats right prayers”
“Thanksgiving changes your perspective from ‘I don’t have’
to ‘God has been good to me’ ”
“You should be able to get to God at the end of the day
and make bold to say, I tried”
TY Bello helped many of the women in that conference heal from so many of their baggage. The major highlight was dealing with pain and asking the Lord for healing if the pain is just become unbearable. 
TY BELLO at Becoming conference 2017

Below are tweets:
“For some of us the pain isn’t making us stronger, it
is making us harder”
“What really causes us to change is pain. Who are you
I was part of the first 50 to arrive and I got a gift, a very beautiful book for women. I haven’t had the time to check through. I could not also wait till the end of the event. I left at the panel discussion on women as breadwinners. 

Esther Adeniyi - becoming conference 2017

Becoming conference 2017 was overall a beautiful experience. I look forward to Becoming conference 2018. Well done, Funto Ibuoye. Did I mention that I saw Gaise Baba? And that I said a “good afternoon” to him? Hihihihhihihihhihi…

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