how to become super confident in yourself

5 steps to become super confident in yourself

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Many of the people who have risen to the top in their careers, relationships and lives have attributed their successes to many things. One of the things they had to learn and do was to become super confident in themselves. Becoming confident in yourself, your strengths and your abilities does not happen in a day. It is not an automatic thing, you learn it.

Nobody is born with confidence, we all get to recognize that we need it and so we learn how to be confident. Some people say that self-confident people are proud. If that were so, super confident people (to these complainers) would be probably arrogant in a spiteful way.

These claims are not true. I agree that there is a thin line between self-confidence and pride. Pride, however, is a negative attribute that seems to cause people to place themselves above others.

A confident person isn’t like that. A super confident person doesn’t need to relegate people to come off as better. They naturally exude an interesting aura, they command a presence you want to be around.

Below are five steps to becoming super confident in yourself

how to be a super confident woman

1. Accept who you are

Trying to become someone else can mar your confidence. To become super confident in yourself, you have to accept yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, your failures, and your successes. You should be able to respect your life’s journey and be true to who you have come to be. Stop trying to look like the next big person. Your story is already awesome!

2. Surround yourself with confident people

The type of people you are with determines how far you will go in life. If your friends are lowly esteemed, chances are that you will be infected. Surround yourself with people who go for gold, who don’t back down and are ready to take first place.

You don’t need to consciously be infected with this type of first-class confidence, the relationship you have with them naturally effects that.

3. Treat failure differently this time

If you have always been afraid to fail, begin to look at this in a different light. This is life and life is not fair. Yes, the faster you grab and accept this fact, the better.

When you fail, rise up. If you want to grieve, do. If you want to take a break, do. Recover and refuel, just don’t stay down for too long. Pick up your batton and face the next challenge.

4. Mentor someone

Usually, mentoring a younger person gives you reasons to progress in confidence. You know that someone is out there looking up to you for support. This helps you to do what you both have in common with confidence.

5. Don’t give a damn too often

People slow down because they are afraid of what people think. If you want to give a damn, don’t do it too often. If you want to be super confident, however, don’t give a damn at all.

People don’t have time for you as much as you presume. Do your thing and shine with all the light you have got inside of you.

What are you going to start doing today to become super confident in yourself?

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how to be a super confident woman

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