Beard Gang : what women think about this trend

Something hits us every time and not surprisingly they influence discussions, style, social media updates and even lifestyle. Beard gang is one of them and it’s like it has come to stay.

Who would have thought that men would in 2018 be divided into two categories : Team Beard Gang and Team clean, immature and baby. Y’all should see how women all over the country are smitten by beards. My dear people, beards.

Beard gang

The other day a friend who sells natural hair products told me that more men than women are approaching to buy her hair growth oil for their beards. Some of them, she claims don’t even have a single hair on their chin. This one is funny, y’all. She has had to explain to these people that it is not beard oil she is selling, it is natural hair growth oil.

She was forced to make provision for men and as we speak she now sells beard gang oil. The craze is not waning soon brothers and sisters. In fact, this one has become fire on the mountain race. It’s like you don’t have beards, you are not qualified to be called man. My people, this one is a struggle and it has become real.

I went on to Facebook to ask my friends of what they think of the beard gang trend and oh my, you may want to grab your seat and pause on your peppery noodles.

Olajumoke – I like beards. No, I love it. Well trimmed and neatly kept, moderately sized. Black and sexy. Thank you

Sheriff came to the thread he wasn’t invited to and here’s what he says, “Na wa oo… All these ladies seem to like the bearded more oo…. And my strands have refuse to grow since lurd knows when. Aiye le oo”

Oluwatosin killed me, “How can I cope with a man that looks like father Xmas, o ti ooooo”

Pearl came there to cause wahala, “Clean shaved and moderate, not the one dat covers the lips, i still need to kiss the lips”

Princess was looking for trouble on my wall, “I’m indifferent. If you are keeping beards, keep a clean one. If not sha be fine, have sense and know how to cook.”

Oke just killed us, ” Moderate. Not the one that they will be kissing and scratching your face with scrubbing brush.”

So, what does beard gang mean?

See, it’s just a group of people carrying bear bear around. They have decided to form for themselves a “support group” and now, they won’t let us hear word.

You know what’s made this group prominent? Celebrities joined the train! Okay, some men claim to have always grown their beards and that their obsession just happen to coincide with the trend. Whatever.

Did you also know that because of this trend, sorry craze, we now have beardgang instagram handles? Like the heck they do there. I laugh as I write this part. Some things make me so happy e.g men coming together to talk about where to buy beard oil in Nigeria. As feminine as these orientations are, it’s an indication that men can form discussion groups out of beards.

I am totally indifferent about beards because I have met beard gang without sense. You carry bear bear and there is no sense inside your brain. The comments section is open, you can rant inside.

Beard gang

But this type of beard gang eh, Oluwa!

Because I like to be resourceful, I have decided to go on a beard research. Continue reading to find out some facts and information on everything you need to know about beards.

Where to buy beard oil in Nigeria

You mostly get to find beard oil on beard related websites. This is if you don’t find this around you and in stores because it has become very popular now. You might be surprised to find out that that guy with full beards isn’t quite a naturally bearded person and even if he is, he has taken time to groom and nurture his beards.

Some common beard oil brands are The Shaving Co beard oil, Lanthome beard growth oil and Bell’s Castor oil for beard growth. All you have to do is to go search for these brands on Google. You can order them online or arrange to meet with the distributors.

How does beard oil work

Usually, husky, dry and flaky beard looks unhealthy and very unattractive. This shows that the skin underneath the beard is probably not taken care of like it should be. So, apart from styling, the beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beards. This works like the hair growth logic. The way you would treat your scalp to have a healthy hair is the way you treat your beards to have lush of it.

After washing, apply the oil to your beards and rub in until you feel properly moisturized. If you have full beards, you may have to comb and work the oil to the roots of your beard. Massage in well to stimulate your hair follicles and give your beard a thorough shine.

Do you grow beards? How do you take care of it?  For the ladies, what do you think of beards? Is it also a criterion for you?