Beard Gang : Everything You Need to Know About Your Beard

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Something hits us every time and not surprisingly they influence discussions, style, social media updates and even lifestyle. Beard gang is one of them and it’s like it has come to stay.

Who would have thought that men would in 2018 be divided into two categories : Team Beard Gang and Team clean, immature and baby. Y’all should see how women all over the country are smitten by beards. My dear people, beards.

Beard gang

The other day a friend who sells natural hair products told me that more men than women are approaching to buy her hair growth oil for their beards. Some of them, she claims don’t even have a single hair on their chin. This one is funny, y’all. She has had to explain to these people that it is not beard oil she is selling, it is natural hair growth oil.

She was forced to make provision for men and as we speak she now sells beard gang oil. The craze is not waning soon brothers and sisters. In fact, this one has become fire on the mountain race. It’s like you don’t have beards, you are not qualified to be called man. My people, this one is a struggle and it has become real.

What Women Really Think of Beard Gang

I went on to Facebook to ask my friends of what they think of the beard gang trend and oh my, you may want to grab your seat and pause on your peppery noodles.

Olajumoke – I like beards. No, I love it. Well trimmed and neatly kept, moderately sized. Black and sexy. Thank you

Sheriff came to the thread he wasn’t invited to and here’s what he says, “Na wa oo… All these ladies seem to like the bearded more oo…. And my strands have refuse to grow since lurd knows when. Aiye le oo”

Oluwatosin killed me, “How can I cope with a man that looks like father Xmas, o ti ooooo”

Pearl came there to cause wahala, “Clean shaved and moderate, not the one dat covers the lips, i still need to kiss the lips”

Princess was looking for trouble on my wall, “I’m indifferent. If you are keeping beards, keep a clean one. If not sha be fine, have sense and know how to cook.”

Oke just killed us, ” Moderate. Not the one that they will be kissing and scratching your face with scrubbing brush.”

So, what does beard gang mean?

See, it’s just a group of people carrying bear bear around. They have decided to form for themselves a “support group” and now, they won’t let us hear word.

You know what’s made this group prominent? Celebrities joined the train! Okay, some men claim to have always grown their beards and that their obsession just happen to coincide with the trend. Whatever.

Did you also know that because of this trend, sorry craze, we now have beardgang instagram handles? Like the heck they do there. I laugh as I write this part. Some things make me so happy e.g men coming together to talk about where to buy beard oil in Nigeria. As feminine as these orientations are, it’s an indication that men can form discussion groups out of beards.

I am totally indifferent about beards because I have met beard gang without sense. You carry bear bear and there is no sense inside your brain. The comments section is open, you can rant inside.

Beard gang
But this type of beard gang eh, Oluwa!

Because I like to be resourceful, I have decided to go on a beard research. Continue reading to find out some facts and information on everything you need to know about beards.

How to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally

Growing a beard in the first place attracts a lot of criticism. When growing a beard naturally, people begin to look at you mockingly. If growing a thicker beard doesn’t make people look at you like you’ve got some jobless ideas up your sleeves, they may look at you with disdain. Here, the beard gang Nigeria is a little bit not as accepted a community as the individual members would like to be. But really, it’s fine.

Trends usually become widely acceptable with time. It is just like the natural hair movement and how over spiritual naturalistas were seen and perceived. It is clearly opposite now as a girl with her natural hair is seen as fashionable and trendy and patient.

Men with fuller beards are actually perceived as more masculine and stronger and attractive. Coming to accept them to work in offices and hold positions with reputable orientations is an issue however. I assume they are seen as too appealing to get women to be focused on their jobs.

If you want to grow a beard faster and thicker naturally, the following read is all the guide that you need as they are actionable and practical. So continue reading to know how to make your beard the talk of the town.

Your Beards and Your Body Makeup

Now, some people have their beards grow naturally at a young age, in fact, for some men, as young as 17. Some of these beard privileges are tied to your genes. The way your beard grows, the shape it forms, the colour of your beard, how thick it grows, the texture of your beard hair are all tied to your genetics. You might be lucky to take after a fully bearded grandfather who probably didn’t appreciate the beard gang as that was not the trend in his time. He might have had to shave off his own beards frequently. Fact however, still remains that as long as the beard gang is in his destiny and you are picking the copy of that information in his DNA, growing your own beard will be relatively easier.

If you don’t have that type of genes in your family, it’s fine still. Just like women grow their natural hair into unimaginable lengths and thickness, you can get your beard to reach it’s own capacity with a few tricks and sure tips. A disclaimer here, however, is that you need to be patient. This isn’t going to happen in months or sometimes a year or two. I would like to say that growing a beard would have to become a lifetsyle for you to come to terms with the process and appreciate the milestones.

To start with, there are some hormones responsible for your beard growth. You realize that these hormones work hand in hand with puberty and your sexuality as a whole. The two most important hormones that have a direct impact on your beard growth speed, beard nature and all of what your beard entails are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (also known as DHT for short).

You have seen and heard of how masculine men with higher levels of hormones are perceived to be because of the physical evidence of their workings in the male body system. A thicker voice, more facial hair, muscles etc. are directly related to the amount or levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in the body of a male.

This invariably means that men with higher amounts of testosterone and DHT will tend to have more facial hair e.g beard and mustache than men with lower amounts of testosterone and DHT. The level of these hormones also influence how soon and how faster the beards grow. What we are saying here is that these hormones affect the presence, the growth rate and also the amount of beards a man will have.

The irony of the hormones responsible for hair is the way it affects the growth and presence of hair on the head in the first place. Some people have had to complain about having too much hair on their head and having almost nothing on their faces. It’s very confusing because the assurance of beard growth might begin to stem from the amount and luxury of hair you have on your head.

The way the hormone DHT works, is very funny. With lower levels of DHT, there is a higher probability to have much hair on the head than on the face.

Tips to Grow Your Beard Faster and Thicker Naturally

Growing a thicker beard naturally is what a lot of men want as it stands to help assert their masculinity non-verbally. The following tips will help you grow your beard as quickly as possible, in months probably.

1. Be Patient

It might be needless to say this as this isn’t what is required to achieve a fully grown and thick beard. It is however necessary to mention this because a lot of beard growth journeys have been stunted due to lack of patience. This is just like growing your natural hair. You need no prophet to tell you to be patient and watch it blossom. As long as you are consistent in your beard growth strategy, you will be up and about with full beards in no time.

2. Groom and clean up your face

Having a full beard is very much related to the way you care for it. If you can liken beard growth to hair growth, you will find it relatively easier to get your beard to blossom. If your scalp is clean, it will be easier for the hair on your head to thrive. The same goes for your beard growth.

Get a good beard wash and beard softener to help the little heard you have on your face grow healthy. If you can continually and consistently groom that area of your face you want your beards to grow, you are going to be just right on your way to fuller beards.

3. Get a good beard oil

What a good beard oil does it to help nourish the hair on your face. It supplies it with all the nutrients it needs and strength and stamina to stay full. When you apply your beard oil and massage it in as you apply, it will help to stimulate the hair follicles and increase the blood circulation in the area. You have to note however that there has to be hair strands on your face already.

How does beard oil work, really

A beard oil won’t work on a clean and completely hair stripped face. Your beard oil needs something to work on. What happens here is that if you have scanty or patchy beards, the beard oil can help to fill in the spaces and patches, stimulate growth in the area and boost your beard growth.

Usually, husky, dry and flaky beard looks unhealthy and very unattractive. This shows that the skin underneath the beard is probably not taken care of like it should be. So, apart from styling, the beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beards. This works like the hair growth logic. The way you would treat your scalp to have a healthy hair is the way you treat your beards to have lush of it.

Some beard oils also have antiseptic, anti fungal or antibacterial properties. This will definitely help to ward off what’s there to stunt beard growth.

How to apply beard oil

How to apply your beard oil

Apart from stimulating your beard hair follicles and helping to fill in the patches in your beard, your beard oil helps to protect your beard, soften it and make it look shiny and attractive.

The best time to apply your beard oil is after a good, hot shower. Your beards at this time are clean and soft and they are ready to absorb anything including the beard oil.

After washing, dry your beards. Drying your beards will strip it of water so that the beard oil is easily absorbed into your beards.

Put a drop of two of your beard oil on your finger tips and rub in between them. Apply the oil to your beards and rub in until you feel properly moisturized. If you have full beards, you may have to comb and work the oil to the roots of your beard. Massage in well to stimulate your hair follicles and give your beard a thorough shine.

Where to buy beard oil in Nigeria

You mostly get to find beard oil on beard related websites. This is if you don’t find this around you and in stores because it has become very popular now. You might be surprised to find out that guy with full beards isn’t quite a naturally bearded person and even if he is, he has taken time to groom and nurture his beards.

Some common beard oil brands are The Shaving Co beard oil, Lanthome beard growth oil and Bell’s Castor oil for beard growth. All you have to do is to go search for these brands on Google. You can order them online or arrange to meet with the distributors.

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