Beans Powder: 3 things you can do with it

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beans flour

1. Akara
2. Moimoi
3. Gbegiri

Preparation of Akara


1. Beans powder
2. Onions
3. Warm Water
4. Pepper
5. Salt
6. Groundnut oil


1. Dice some onions and add to the beans powder
2. Add some pepper
3. Add some salt to taste
4. Add some warm water and stir continuously till the mixture becomes smooth and free of lumps
5.  Heat some oil and fry the mixture till it becomes golden brown, then your akara is ready.

N. B
1. Do not make the mixture to be too thick and too watery, before frying. The thickness should be like a prepared Akamu (Pap).

Preparation of MOIMOI


1. Beans powder
2. Pepper
3. Salt and seasoning to taste
4. Groundnut oil or any oil of your choice
5. Onions
6. Fish/meat/eggs, depending on what taste you want
7. Warm water or Stock (Omi Eran)
8. Leaf or Foil to wrap

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1. Wash the leaves and allow to drain
2. Cut the meat or fish or eggs into small pieces and put in a separate  plate
3. Dice some onions and add to the beans powder
4. Add some pepper
5. Add salt and seasoning to taste
6. Mix together with a spatula
7. Add the warm water or stock (Omi Eran)  and stir
8. Add the groundnut oil and stir the mixture till it becomes smooth and the mixture is between thick and watery.
9. Put a pot of water on a cooking stove and allow it to get heated.
10. Now you can start wrapping your moi moi,  put fish / meat/ egg in each wraps and make sure it is well wrapped.
11. Put each wraps of moi moi in the already  boiling  pot immediately you wrap it
12. Cover the pot after you drop the last wrap and allow it to steam for some minutes like about 15minutes or above depending on the quantity you are cooking.

N. B

1.Moimoi to be cooked on low heat to avoid burning without well cooked
2. If you are using Stock (Omi Eran),  make sure it is warm too. Warm water awakens the beans powder.

Preparation of GBEGIRI


1. Beans powder
2. Pepper
3. Palm oil
4. Stock (Omi Eran)
5. Meat/ Fish/Ponmo e.t.c.
6. Salt and seasoning to taste
7. Water


1. Add the pepper in the beans powder and mix
2. Add the stock (Omi Eran) or ordinary water in case you don’t have Stock (Omi Eran)
3. Stir continuously till it is free of lumps and make sure the mixture is not thick at all,  it will become thick when been cooked
4. Pour the mixture in a cooking pot.

6. Cover the pot and allow the content to boil for about 5-7 minutes
7. Add palm oil
8. Add salt and seasoning to taste
9. Put the meat/fish/ponmo e.t.c.
10. Cover the pot and let the content boil for about 10 minutes
11. Gbegiri is ready, serve with any swallow food of your choice.

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