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A Day at Barracuda Beach Resort!

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Barracuda Beach Resort, located at Ajah is one of the private beaches in Lagos state, Nigeria. Because it is a resort, it has hotels and facilities that you can lodge in.

This private beach is one of the best private Beaches in Lagos where you can visit to have a fun time with your friends, your lover, you can visit for your honeymoon and even for your events. Barracuda Beach Resort is a place where fun never stops as there is plenty of play opportunities and fun services at your disposal.

In this article, we will be looking at Barracuda in depth and letting you in on more information about Barracuda Beach. Let’s go!

Where is Barracuda beach located?

You’re probably wondering where Barracuda beach is located precisely in Lagos?

Their address is at Okun Mapo village off Ogombo road, after popular Abraham Adesanya roundabout in Lekki, Lagos State. If you don’t know this place, just make sure you get to Ajah first, then ask for direction from the locals on how to get to Okun Mapo village. The locals at Ajah will put you through on how to get there. Barracuda beach is pretty easy to spot.

What are the contact details of Barracuda beach?

You can call them on the phone on 07088654508 or 08032711987. You can also visit their official website at and fill their email contact form. You can connect with them via email at

How much is their gate fee?

The gate fee at Barracuda beach is N1000 for adults. For children, it is way cheaper perhaps half the price. During festive periods like Christmas, the gate fee might jump up that is, it might double its price.

What should you wear to barracuda beach?

When going to Barracuda beach, it is advised that you dress in light clothing. Wearing serious clothes to the beach can damage the clothes as the sand and the sea water and not very beneficial to such clothes. But light clothes allow you enough freedom. They allow you enough space to play around on the Beach, to enjoy the breeze, to play in the water, to feel the soft white sand in between your toes.. You can wear light clothes like tank tops, bikinis, short skirts, three quarter shorts, Beach wears and so on.

Things you can do at Barracuda beach?

1. Host an event on the beach.

At Barracuda beach, there is space for you to have your event right on the beach! Yeah.. you heard it right! Because it is a private beach, you can rent an area on the beach to serve as the venue for your wedding, engagement or whatever ceremony you want to have.

Also, the hotels at Barracuda beach, have halls that you can rent to host your party. Having a party right on the beach might be costly but it will be a very unique experience.

2. Lodge in the hotels to enjoy the beach atmosphere and sight.

You can lodge in one of the hotels to live in the beach environment for a few days or for as you long as you wish. Lodging in the hotel is a nice idea if you want to have a nice place to spend a few days away from home.

3. Eat, drink and party.

There are bars and restaurants located at Barracuda beach. This means that while having fun at the beach, you can order for food and drinks at these restaurants and bars. What is a fun outing without eating or drinking? Part of having fun is eating amazing food and drinking tasty drinks! And the restaurants at Barracuda beach have lots of amazing dishes and snacks for you to jump on when you feel like it!

4. Ride their mini Ferris wheel.

The Ferris Wheel is another amazing facility that Barracuda beach has to offer their visitors. The Ferris wheel if you don’t know what it is, is an amusement wheel that has a number of seats that you can sit-in while rotating on a big wheel.

A ride on the Ferris wheel can be very scary for a newbie but it’s part of the fun experience. Riding the Ferris Wheel is something you should not miss out on while visiting Barracuda beach. Imagine what it would be like to sit on the wheel of a rotating Ferris Wheel while staring across the beach? Amazing right? Yeah.. another fun activity you can do while at Barracuda beach is to ride their Ferris Wheel. Don’t miss out!

5. Play sports like Beach Tennis and so on.

On Barracuda beach there is the sports section where you can choose whichever sport you feel like engaging in. Like Beach Tennis, Beach basketball, Beach football, Beach volleyball and so on. You can play any of these sports and more at Barracuda beach. There is absolutely no chance to get bored while on the beach.

6. Barracuda beach has Free Wi-Fi facility.

This is a rare thing in Lagos. One of the amazing benefits of visiting Barracuda beach is their unlimited internet access called Wi-Fi! So, while at the beach, you can enjoy unlimited access to the internet, watch your favorite online videos and so on.

Wrapping it up, Barracuda beach is one of the best places in Lagos to spend time and have fun. Just go on to the beach and catch some fun. We hope you found all of this information about Barracuda beach useful.

Please ask questions in the comments section. You can also share your experience at Barracuda beach in the comments section.

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