Baby Wipes: 7 Other Incredible Uses

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Sometimes I wonder why these wipes are called ‘baby wipes’ because they can be used for so many other things that have nothing to do with babies.  I remember telling a friend of mine that I probably use more baby wipes than a nursing mother. This blog post will open your eyes or remind you of other incredible uses of baby wipes.
Baby wipes come in so handy. I have the small pack so I can tuck into my handbag for use; the bigger pack is usually in my wardrobe. This small seemingly insignificant accessory can be a lifesaver. You can never know in what unexpected moment there will come a need for a baby wipe. Whether it’s outside or inside, it’s always good to have a pack on hand.

Uses of Baby Wipes

To remove makeup

There is absolutely no way I am going to be doing any bedtime facial routine after a long, hard and stressful day. Just when I think of how sinful it would be to sleep in my dirt, I reach for my baby wipes. They may not clean my face as thoroughly as a makeup remover would but they do a pretty clean job especially on my lips. In fact, makeup removers irritate some women’s skins, duh.

Instead of a tissue paper

Y’all know how harsh tissue paper can be on your soft, delicate and sensitive vagina skin. It is dry! In two to three swipes, baby wipes clean ‘down there’ very effectively. And it’s sooooooo soothing. You could get the non-scented baby wipes for that. I hear that the scented brands
irritate some people.

For long distance travelling

Long distance travel can be very stressful. The heat, sweat and dust, arrrrrgrrrrrrh.. After four to five hours of road travel, you long for some comfort. Baby wipes can do this. The cold, wet feeling on your facial skin is effective in calming down your nerves. Wipe your face, your neck and
your chest with them. If you can reach down to your cleavage, it would be absolutely perfect.

For a quick clean up

For those times you spent the night in class; your friend called you to come to collect something at your house junction at 7 am; ‘Rural Rugged’ early morning activity or your morning Man O War routine on camp, baby wipes do the magic. Wipe your face, neck, ‘down there’ (front and back), breast cleavage and under your breasts, your armpits and any other place you think you should.

To wipe off dirt on public seats

Remember that day you had nothing to clean up a really dusty seat? You probably stood the whole time because no other person had a rag. Shame. The boys sat on the dusty seats (stone me, please). Having a handy baby wipes pack can save the situation; three to four of those pieces could serve
everybody in that room. Yaaaaaaaaay, you saved the day, go, girl.

To clean up screens

Your gadgets need a touch of mild wetness. Your baby wipes can help you to get rid of the dirt and finger marks on your phone screens, laptops and players. You can also use them on your television screens and other home gadgets

For your menstrual period

Whether you are home or at work,  urinating during menstruation makes it very uncomfortable to wear your padded pant back on. If you are easily irritated,  you could use your baby wipes to wipe yourself clean.  It is also good for changing pads outside the home.  You don’t have to wash with soap and water to change your pad.  Local washing can wait until you get back to the comfort of your home.

Bonus :

To temporarily hold down flyaway hair

You probably didn’t know that you didn’t have to use that saliva. Nasty! Get a wipe and with three or more swipes, you are done holding the hair in place until there is a permanent solution.
Do you use baby wipes? What else do you use them for?
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