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Nathaniel Bassey's songs
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Nathaniel Bassey: Biography, Personal life and music

Nathaniel Bassey is a Nigerian Gospel Singer, Trumpeter, and Songwriter. Nathaniel Bassey is a very influential Gospel Singer that lots of Nigerians love. His Gospel music is very inspirational and he is the convener of the popular Gospel movement, “The Hallelujah Challenge” that gained a lot of followers in Nigeria and abroad. He has released …


Major Causes of Unemployment in Nigeria

Unemployment in Nigeria is a very serious issue. Not only Youths experience Unemployment but elderly citizens of the country as well experience this. This article looks to analyse Unemployment in Nigeria, its causes and also suggest solutions to the problem. Read on to know more about Unemployment in Nigeria. What really is Unemployment? Unemployment is …


The Fastest way to make finger-licking, homemade Shawarma

Shawarma is a meat preparation that is originally from the Middle East. It has become a popular treat all over the world as lots of people love its delicious taste and sumptuousness. It has recently gained popularity in Nigeria in recent years and Nigerians love it for its meaty content. The Nigerian staple foods usually …