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Short excel course by the career buddy
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You Could Get a New Job Right After This Excel Course by The Career Buddy

If you think you know Excel as much as you should, this Excel course will most definitely change your mind. There is a whole lot more to Excel as a software than what you see and how much of its application you can deploy is what will differentiate you from an ordinary Excel application user. …

Best Personal fitness trainer in Ilorin, fitness trainer in Ilorin, best gyms in Ilorin,
Health and fitness

I found the best Personal Fitness Trainer in Ilorin

If you are on a search, finding the best personal fitness trainer is going to be an entirely time-consuming project. I would like to think that finding a personal fitness trainer in Lagos and some other metropolitan parts of Nigeria is not as uphill as finding a personal fitness trainer in Ilorin. The less metropolitan, …

Olumide Glowville, I resigned from a great job, Esther Adeniyi,

I resigned from a great job to chart a new course || Olumide Glowville

My friend, Olumide Glowville just published one of the most heartfelt career revelations on his Facebook. There is practically no way I am letting this go. You should totally read this! _____________ In November 2017, I took the bold step to resign from a great job in Real Estate to chart a new course in …