Are Squiggly Brows the New Trend?

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Squiggly brows

My people, my people. How is the holiday going? Okay, let’s just dive in and not keep you waiting because I know that you have seen the title, and the photo. So…. Now, you must have seen squiggly brows all over the Internet. I am guessing that you are not living in a hole. I hope to God that I am not wrong.

The question today isn’t whether you are going to rock squiggly brows or not. It isn’t whether you like it on other people or not. In fact, it isn’t whether these tiny snakes on your face look appealing or not. This is the question for this week- are Squiggly brows the new trend? Do you think this will stay? This is just forecasting, fashion forcasting lol.

How to pull off the all natural look

I know how y’all were about the inverted Nike brows o, ehn ehn. So another one has come, you people will say you are not doing. Next thing, we will see squiggly brows on your faces. Before we know it, you are already learning how to draw it on other girls o. ?.

Okay, so what do you think about this new trend? Here to stay or will soon disappear?

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  1. Never! It won't stay. Our overdo too much as ladies. Some people will scare away their future husbands with this snake-looking brows.

  2. Buhahahahahahahahahaha…. Omg! Mabel is so vexed mhen. Overdo. Ahahahahahahah…

  3. I like it sha but not sure it's here to stay��

    1. Okay Gossipsnation.

  4. Oluwaseun Tella says:

    Nonsense upon squiggly brows. This is bullshit. I hate it.

    1. You people just vex scatter. Okay, but do you think this will stay?

  5. I think this would stay ooo because Nigerian girls are crazy…any new thing like this they will not to stop…once campus gals start trying this Godddd it's gonna stay

    1. Omo, campus babes where you dey o? Dem don report you for hia!

  6. Who wants to come and give me squiggly brows?

    1. How can this be the correct answer to the question? Michael get lost please. Arrrrgrrrh…

  7. It looks like Ibadan Express road, it can't stay. If any of my clients request this I can manage and draw it but not on my face.

    1. Ahahahahahahah. Thing is,if clients begin to ask for squiggly brows and forget it, it will stay o.

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