Applying powder before foundation makeup tutorial

how to apply powder before foundation

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makeup powder and foundation flat lay


Applying powder before makeup tutorial.

So guys, the new makeup technique everyone is talking about is applying powder before foundation on your face. This technique helps people with oily skin because it keeps your foundation matte for a very long time, maybe not all day, but for a very long time.

This video by Joanna Kinuthia on applying powder before foundation is a love love loved one by me. I stumbled on her on You Tube today and I really like her accent. Oh yeah, petty petty me.

Watch how to apply powder before foundation:

What do you think of the powder before foundation makeup technique?

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  1. Honestly, am just reading this for the first time that you can rub powder on before foundation. From experience as a makeup artist, Powder is meant to absorb oil from the foundation. I would suggest rather using foundation before powdering why not get a water base foundation ideal for oily face.
    TA_Diva Makeovers and Accessories.

    1. I agree with you. I guess these are just trials, fun trials actually. Sometimes we need to losen up and experiment you know.

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