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Apply for She Pi Jam : Exploring Creativity with Coding

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She Pi initiative is a programme aimed at building and training young women who are interested in advancing their technological curiosities. We are geared and pushed by the need to solve problems that affect us as a whole in the country and outside the shores using technology in form of Raspberry Pi – electronic hardware, software and its applications.

We are determined to empower and be a source of inspiration to young women all over the world, starting from Nigeria. We want to build a generation of women who pant after solving problems of all kinds using the Raspberry Pi. These young women will be innovators and change-makers.

We hereby call for applications for the She-Pi jam workshop which will be held in Lagos.

What you will learn?

Introduction to Raspberry Pi and the Raspbian OS
Remote access to the Raspberry Pi device
Introduction to basic programming languages (Python, Scratch) and how to program with the languages.
Learn how to use Raspberry Pi within Internet of Things
Learn the Linux command line interface (CLI)
Hand-on projects on the Raspberry Pi
How to leverage the social media for digital literacy and latest technologies

Fun Hands-on Projects

Google assistant
Python games
Scratch animation

Who Should Apply?

i. Young women between the age of 16 to 30 years,
ii. who have completed or are curently studying at the university or other higher educational Levels,
iii. who can communicate in English and
iv. are interested in learning about the Raspberry Pi.


Workshop admission is completely Free

Venue and Time

Venue and Time will be communicated to successful candidates ONLY!!!

Application deadline

August 10, 2018

What should I bring along?

Bring to the venue your Laptop.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, all that is needed is your interest and commitment to learn

Do I need to come with a Raspberry Pi?

No, you do not have to own a Raspberry Pi to attend.

If you have any questions about the program or you would like to sponsor, please contact us at

Click on this Link To Apply!

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