Ankara styles that will hide your big tummy

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Free ankara top
This blog post is inspired by Google. Hihihihihihihihihihi. Wait let me explain. I was searching for something on Ankara and I realized that people are very much searching for Ankara styles that will hide your big tummy. Hence, this blog post.
Many women are struggling with belly fat and because of this, they get to wear boring styles or feel embarrassed when they want to wear styles that are trendy because in the end, their mid-section destroys the entire ankara outlook. Kamdora also has a post on how to dress your body if you have a bulging tummy. 
I have had some freestyles for women with bulgy tummy, so I went to look for a few more and picked the best 10 ankara styles for big tummy.

Find these ankara styles below:

Ankara style with a big Cape to hide belly fat
Photo via @affero_ng

You can ask your Tailor to bring down the frontal cape of this style so that it can help you conceal your bulgy tummy. Remember some of these styles will only inspire you, while some can be sewn just as they are seen to help you hide your big tummy. A free ankara crop top too is perfect here.


Simple ankara style that will help you hide big tummy
Photo via @gracefulmaureen

This style is very casual and simple. You can wear this on a Friday or use it for Saturday errands. It might appear boring and tiresome after a while but it’s a good thing that this ankara style will help you hide your big tummy. Ankara short and flare gowns can be actually too simple to be interesting, that’s why I suggest that you get bright and fun patterns to sew this with.


Simple ankara gown with V-neck

The V-neck of this simple ankara gown is all you need to create a beautiful, yet classy style to help you conceal your big mid-section. If you have bigger arms, you might try to make yours with a longer sleeve or not. Just enjoy this style.


Photo via @lahippz07

Do you know what I like about this style? The ankara hint here and there is the beauty of this. It can also be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion you are in for. Pick a beautiful plain fabric and play your ankara on it.


Sleeveless ankara gown
Photo via @showoffgang22

This is such a comfy and free ankara style for you. The sleeveless tone of this style is one I like so much. You can wear this for errands or even an occasion. This depends on how you choose to style this one. What matters is that it does not make you too conscious of your belly every now and then.


Free ankara top

This one is definitely one of my best ankara top style. It is an ankara style for chubby ladies. Even dull coloured ankara patterns do very well with this particular style. That you can also pair this ankara top with a Jean is also lovely. You can pair this with a skirt or trousers too. If you don’t pick black, pick another neutral colour. Otherwise, pick a silent colour on the ankara pattern.


Ankara peplum top
Photo via @tgjonah

Ankara peplums have indeed come to stay. They are very good at helping you hide your big tummy. Just make sure that the style is neither too tight or free.


Ankara dress with cut sleeve
Photo via @ankaraslaying

The V-neck and sleeve is the catch of this free and simple ankara style. The length is also perfect too. The cut and flare sleeve will look beautiful on you if you have this kind of arms. It will create a balanced body illusion.

Photo via @sophisticated9jababes

This is another ankara peplum style, only that the sleeve is smaller. You can pick any colour from your ankara pattern for the neck. I find this very excellent at concealing your tummy fat.


Ankara wrap dress
Photo via @completefashion_ng
Now, this style is about defining your waist. You can make it a wrap dress or just an Ankara dress with a fabric like a belt. Defining your waist can help to distract from your bulgy tummy. Also, this type of style can help you if your body figure is H or I. If you are an hourglass, all the better because it throws focus on your beautiful body shape than on your big tummy.

So, this is it, ladies. Beautiful ankara styles to help you conceal your big tummy. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions. You may also share some more style inspiration that will help to hide your belly fat. I know there are many of your friends who would like this blog post so please share this on social media. The social media icons are just below this post. Thank you.

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