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  1. Good day Esther,am a blogger kindly visit my blog certifiedtope.wordpress.com
    Thank You

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Checking it right away!

  2. Hi Esther, I love your blog. My friends and I have an event coming up called TEXPO. It’s a technology exhibition that aims to provide a platform for tech entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas, get investment and even build those projects. The event promises to be engaging and fun. Check out the website for more information.

    1. Esther Adeniyi says:

      Thank you Anuoluwa, will look out for it.

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  5. Hey, Esther I’m a blogger; started about a month ago a bit scared that I might be doing everything wrong concerning the blog.

    Please check it out and if you can; honest criticism would be appreciated.


    1. Esther Adeniyi says:



      Device responsiveness – Great
      Branding – Great
      Colour choice – Great
      Colour combination- Great
      Header size- might need some adjustments. Larger than should be on desktop. Just reduce the header height so that first time visitors are not overwhelmed.
      Header design- nice but could be better. Make it more feminine.
      Page layout and content- Achieve some symmetry on desktop. There is also an Instagram widget duplicate, remove one. Also try to remove how many things are on the page. An example is “Recent Post”. “A Little About Me” is also duplicate. Please check for widgets duplicate. Try to reduce the clutter overall. Less is usually more for personal blogs.
      Blog font- Great
      Favicon choice- Great
      Search icon position- Great


      Blog titles- okay
      Article lengths – okay
      Voice- sincere and interesting
      Contact Us Page- Change title of that page to “contact me”.


      Domain name- great choice
      Blogging platform choice- good
      URL Structure- poor. Move from the date format to direct post title format.
      Site speed- Poor for a new site. My advice is that you compress your images. Try to find a way to keep your image quality, that’s equally important. An image on your site is 10Mb for example. We should be talking in Kilobytes here.
      Social media integration/ Branding- Great


      1. Register on search console, submit sitemap, for better crawling and indexing.
      2. Get Google analytics if you don’t have


      My honest assessment is that your first foot forward is incredibly beautiful. You have a nice blog, nice content and good branding. Just a few more adjustments, that’s all.

      That you let your personality and voice shine is also commendable. Have fun blogging, you are doing well.

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