Are you a lady in waiting? Stop waiting!

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So, Ocholi Okutepa shared this on Instagram and I thought, this is too good to let slide. Every lady in waiting needs to hear this and the only way I can do that is blog it and share the link in as many places as I can.

Below is what he shared with us on the issue of waiting around for him.

0. Stop waiting! Move, live, be you.

1. Marriage is a strong desire but it is not the summary of your purpose.

2. Marriage is a purpose vehicle to enable you fulfil destiny.

3. So, while single, don’t wait around pausing your life; focus on purpose and pursue it with all you got.

4. God’s original intention is to have you meet your partner while on purpose.

5. When a partner meets you on purpose, the future is easier to navigate because your lifestyle will reveal your drive to them even before you start.

6. The fact that your emotions rage and you get anxious about being single doesn’t mean that is how God wants you to spend the season of being single.

7. If you don’t live on purpose, frustration and anxiety will push you into things you should not do and accept people you should never have talked to.

8. Identify faith based, career driven and life defining activities and projects to focus on.

9. Be careful, Satan wants to make you vulnerable and convince you to lower godly standards to end “the wait” and become married.

10. What only a few will tell you is that marriages are failing at a massive rate and at the root of this is a lot of ladies who never found their reason for living but jump into marriage as an escape route from singlehood!

11. Be afraid to accept any man when you don’t know your purpose in life. How can you fit into a bigger picture with another person when you don’t even know your own small picture?

12. So, as hard as it sounds, you weren’t to spend your time waiting in anxiety.

13. If anything, pray. That’s why we have @maritalrelease page.

14. Get wisdom, that’s why I wrote about “Ruth your Boaz” a few weeks back.

15. Be decisive but calm, God has a plan, trust it and live your life without fear!

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