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7 ways to become a better blogger

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Blogging is fast becoming a career for some people. For some, it is just a get-rich-quick strategy, they want to make money the next day. Let me tell you straight up, this will drive you into frustration. I am going to be all nice and put it forward to you very early so that if you are on this path, you can decide on what else you would love to do to earn cash quickly.

For people who are serious about blogging and have made it a lifestyle even, you will find this blog post very
resourceful. I am going to be sharing 7 ways you can become a better blogger. This blog post at the end of the day will give you a newer, fresher perspective to blogging as a whole so let’s get right into this:

1. Act, talk, think like a blogger

New bloggers especially often become intimidated when they are in the midst of other established bloggers. Let me
tell you a story. I used to know one of these established bloggers. He wasn’t into blogging for recognition, he is just a “breeze in, make some mad cash and sell blog” kind of blogger. He has a serious hang of the tricks. I
contacted him for some advice on what to do about SEO and I want to tell you that I left him feeling drained and useless.

I couldn’t call myself a blogger because he belittled me. That lowered my blogging mojo for a while until almost
consecutively blog readers began to talk about how much of impact my blog has had and still has on them.

That was heck inspiring. I returned to wearing my blogger badge and doing my thing. The truth is that to be something in any particular field, you have to act like it. You should act like a blogger who knows what they are doing. If an Influencer comes to give you pieces that do not go with your brand, politely turn it down and stick to what you have to do to represent the brand you are working hard to build.

Attend blogging events and meetups and represent your blog like someone who knows what they are in for. Never cringe at the sight of bigger bloggers. They are awesome in their own rights but so are you. Speak up for your blog, share your blog, share your blog stories unapologetically. You really are a blogger, so act like it.

2. Create your style and own it

Everybody has a different way of writing, that’s clear so you are going to create a style from what you and your
readers are comfortable with. Make your voice consistent. This is not to say that you write the same type of blog posts every time. No. But when people see your work, can they guess it’s you?

Study your blog readers and the posts they visit very frequently. Let me give you a hint: except you are a celebrity, personal blogger, you should create your style to suit your blog readers. I do not mean to say that you can not have your style before you begin to get readers’ attention.

What I am saying is that you can tilt your style towards what your readers love the most. Lists do really well on some blogs, for yours, it could be extremely long posts. Get into it if your readers love the details. Open up wholly to them and give them every bit if they would love to sit and read you. Develop your style around them and be generous with it.

3. Let your readers see you

In a bid to sound or write like a professional blogger, we may be tempted to sugar-coat and pretend to be who we are not. This attitude is draining. Soon, you get tired of the whole facade you are trying to put up and before long your true colour begins to show. Do not pretend to be who you are not. Let your readers see the real you. This is not to say that you should open up your secrets and personal life to the whole world. It just means that you should not write, talk, act like who you are not in order to win the favour of your readers.

On the road to becoming a better blogger, you will realize some of the mistakes that you have made, it is never too late to begin to make corrections. You don’t have to make the turn drastic. Gradually transition into your real self if you don’t want your readers to be disappointed. Situations may warrant that you meet up with one or many of your readers; in fact, you may stumble on anyone in the mall, supermarket, in the bus, on your street, at the salon even! You lose integrity if you are double-faced.

4. Be sociableOne of the mistakes bloggers make is not connecting with other bloggers. I have a blog post on how to connect with other bloggers here. Also, connect with your blog readers on social media.  There are so many social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Stumbleupon and so many. Being active on all of them might be overwhelming.

This is what I usually advise: find where your tribe is and connect with them there. For instance, the majority of my blog readers on social media come from Facebook. I try to focus on Facebook the, I use Instagram for support. You can choose two of the social media platforms you are most comfortable with and on and have blogging fun.

It is also advisable to try to build your following on one of the platforms and then spread it all over when you have a good number of followers. Study other bloggers in your niche and then creatively use the most common among them to your advantage.

5. Create high quality contentThis is a non-negotiable point. Quality content is very important if you want to have blog posts that will be shareable. In fact, if you want a blog post to go viral, one of the first things to bear in mind is to make it quality. Good and professional bloggers all over the world are usually churning out quality content. Kissmetrics has an awesome blog post on what makes a content quality.

The reason some people want to associate with you is just because you are full of information, you hold nothing back, you give your best. Sometimes, we want to save the best for the last or save the best for paid services but there are times that giving it all out, everything increases your value in the eyes of your readers.

Quality content is also a good yard-stick for good SEO ranking and organic traffic. Search engines love it when your blog is quality enough to satisfy search engine users’ query. Quality content also makes people link to your blog very frequently.

6. Exchange guest posts with bloggers in your niche

Remember that I said that to become a better blogger, you should connect with other bloggers. Exchange guest posts with bloggers in your niche. Guest posting is a good off-page optimization strategy because you don’t have your blog referenced in the comments section, it is on the page(s) of a blogger’s blog. This helps to increase search engines’ trust in your blog.Read this fabulous blog on the ultimate guide to guest blogging.

You can also get guest posts in return. Guest posting helps you become consistent. For days when you can’t write anything, a guest post will help to fill in the gap and keep your readers glued to your blog while you find a way to achieve your blogging balance once again. If you really want to know about guest blogging, how to go about it and what high ranking domains accept guest posts, here is another very resourceful blog post to check out on guest blogging.

7. Be consistent

So I saved this for last because I know a lot of bloggers complain a little too frequently about this aspect of blogging. Let me tell you something important: consistency has a lot to do with integrity. You see, if you are going to always disappoint your blog readers every now and then, you might have to check your blogging integrity.

It’s okay to blog once per week if that is what you can make work. Once per month is even still not a bad idea if your niche excuses you. But as soon as you set the routine, stick with it.

You may not know but blog readers are drawn to bloggers who keep their promises. Yes, sticking to your routine is keeping a promise. Start small, go easy if you are trying to find your feet, do a few of the postings according to the schedule, then get into the routine. And actually, stick by it. You can increase the frequency and pick up the pace as soon as you are comfortable. Otherwise, stick to what you have built.

Becoming a better blogger is a decision that you take for yourself and your brand. It only requires just a little bit of adjustments here and there. You should also note that this is a journey. You will not become the best you want to be just at once, you are going to grow and continually redefine your blogging journey. Did you find this blog post helpful? Please share on social media. The social media icons are just below this post.

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