what successful people do on their weekends

7 Things Successful people do on Weekends

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Did you know that what you do on Weekends also determines your productivity for the rest of the week? It’s amazing how interconnected our lives and intertwined living is. The sooner we realize that it is all a big picture, the better.

Here are 7 things successful people do on weekends

what successful people do on weekends

Wake up early

Usually, we think the purpose of waking up early is just so that we can make it to work early. Well, this defeats the purpose of waking up early. There are so many more benefits of waking up early.

In my article – how waking up at 5 AM literally turned my life around I wrote of the many benefits of waking up by 5 am. Many of the successful people in our contemporary times have learned to make this a habit and this doesn’t exclude weekends.

Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of the state of Washington wakes up between 5 and 6:30 a.m. According to him, he spends this time having a little me time and preparing breakfast for his family. What a lucky family he has.


It’s so funny how we think that to be successful means to work round the clock. The importance of rest and fun cannot be overemphasized as this helps to create the psychological balance needed to cause productivity.

Incorporating exercise would be a very great way to unwind and loosen up stiff muscles. Maybe adding games as physical activity too.

Plan for the week ahead

Successful people treat Sunday nights as a pre-workday. This is when they begin to plan and map out the week ahead. Having a weekly to-do list is as important as having a daily to-do list. Successful people recognize this and are as a result heavily invested in preparing for the week ahead.

Take stock

This most likely happens on Sunday evenings. Mentally taking stock and editing lifestyle can help to create and fine-tune lifestyle changes to help lead a more productive life.

What worked well the week before, what failed? What should you do more and less of? Bill Gates, The founder of Microsoft once said, “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Connect with family and friends

It is no news that many of the successful people of our time are mostly bogged down with responsibilities that literally drag them away from loved ones.

But because they understand that family and friends are the ones that will always be there when you need a shoulder, they learn to use the opportunity that the weekends create to connect. Moreover, other busy family members and friends can also be available on weekends.


Just as much as these people connect with family and friends, they disconnect from technology as much as they can on weekends.

If you can learn to be off the grid for a while, it can be very easy to practice mindfulness and become more present in the environment. It is also good to note that many ideas are birthed from being present and from interacting with elements in the offline world.

Create and fulfill traditions

We know how important traditions are. Weekend traditions can help everyone look forward to a fulfilling weekend. This helps to foster love and connect deeply with every member of the family.

A walk, Friday pizza, Sunday rice, Saturday morning routine cleanups (this one is supposed to be fun), Friday nights out and movies, anything.

Author of “What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend,” Laura Vanderkam, says successful people know that weekends are actually the secret weapon in professional success: “You need to hit Monday ready to go.”

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