7 survival items to stay chic this rainy season

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beautiful shower cap for rainy season

This period is one that doesn’t sit well with many ladies that have their jobs outside of their homes. Many people in this part of the world work outside anyway. Even if you don’t, you might be on the verge of dropping off your kids at work and gbararararara, the clouds empty their contents.

To enjoy this season and have less frequent panic attacks, there are some items you should have in your bag and in your house this rainy season:

1. Shower cap – don’t trade that thought for anything, buy it now.

2. Rain coat – there are lighter and colourful rain coats in the market these days. BUY

3. Rubber shoes – if you have to transport yourself to work or school , why not buy cute rubber shoes, sandals and have a change in the office or school. BUY

4. Small umbrella – there are many small and beautiful umbrellas you can put in your bag for that unplanned moment. BUY

5.Cardigan – a black or dark coloured cardigans will help keep you warmer. Wooly and tightly knitted cardigans are also bae. BUY

6. Nice tote handbags – these handbags are rubber like and they will act as shield again rain water. Keep your bag items safe. BUY

7. Tissue paper or baby wipes- this is to clean off dirt and drenched body part if you were stuck in the rain. BUY

What have we missed? What other item is making you stay fabulous this rainy season? Please share with us.

Picture credit: Naij

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