7 Steps to Becoming a Happier Person

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It doesn’t look like it but there are steps to becoming happier, just as there are steps to cooking soup and to ditching the office bitch. We might have not realized that there are steps to almost everything which is an indication to the fact that many things are choices. It is a pointer that many things can be done deliberately and in an intentional way. It is the same here, you can chase happiness. Forget about people telling you it will come to you, that’s not true. You can chase it until you become it. You can tell yourself that you will have it and have it.

Step 1 – Choose it.

I already suggested in the introduction to this blog post that happiness is a choice. You can choose to be intentionally happy. While your day is for example, turning sour, you can switch your mind off the problems and decide that being happy should come first on your list of things to do. Think of lovely things and help someone.

Step 2- Don’t mingle with negativity

Negative people are pessimistic people, they are people who are not interested in seeing your growth, they are people who talk down on you and tell you nothing is possible. They might come on strong or be subtle. To be happier in life,  stay away from them. It doesn’t matter if they are family. There are many ways to stay away from people without making it obvious. Your mindset matters more than their toxic opinions and people.

Step 3- Don’t place happiness on anything/anyone

Many of us find out in the end that we have consciously or unconsciously placed our happiness on someone or something. It’s very easy to do that if we don’t guard against it. The problem here, however, is that nothing in life can thoroughly satisfy or fulfill you forever. It’s a mistake to place the burden of being happy on someone or something. Career, spouse, money, people’s opinions etc. are things people place happiness on.

Step 4- Sleep and exercise more

We cannot continue living life like our bodies are robots or machines. It affects our happiness in a tremendous way. The simple, easy things to do are very important. Getting enough sleep and exercising more is a way of letting our body have a shot at good shape. Let your body system be in good shape. It makes you happy. You are less grumpy and irritable.

Step 5- Be grateful

Be grateful for the little things, be grateful for the big things. Happiness is triggered when you pick up on things to be grateful about. Don’t always dwell on your problems, everybody has at least one.

Step 6- Be busy

Get a life, do something worthwhile, be busy. Idleness destroys us in ways we cannot imagine. In fact,  there is a form of fulfillment that comes from being busy especially when your work improves lives or has a significantly positive impact on someone.

Step 7- Treat yourself

Pamper yourself. What have you always wanted? To travel to Dubai? If you have the means to,  do it. Drop that choking work and get a holiday. Accept dates, go out all buy yourself, eat chicken, sip wine,  watch movies, buy yourself a gift, be beautiful.

Happiness is achievable if we invest in it. Be happy today,  keep being happy.

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