7 Most expensive mistakes you’ll ever make in your career

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It doesn’t matter if you have a 9 to 5, are an entrepreneur or you work from home. As long as you are building and nurturing something, which is your career in this case, this is probably the most relevant article you need in your life now.

Some of the mistakes we have made are those that if we were told beforehand, we would steer off from. In fact, we would have moved on faster if we didn’t make them but it’s all good. Let’s discuss moving on.

Let’s talk about not making any more costly mistakes. How about a shift for good and a better career lifestyle? Keep on reading to find out 7 of the most dangerous mistakes that could ruin your career.

1. Becoming too comfortable

I get this, it is the easiest route but I tell you, it is the most dangerous settlement you will ever go for. After a while, a career routine might need to be switched up. What are you safe with or around? Go the extra mile and leave that safe spot. Take on extra tasks, pay more for a better course, invent new methods of accomplishing your tasks. Simply switch up the routine and get to a better place. When you are there, look outside again and bring other things into your career life.

2. Forgetting to network

If only we understood the power of relationships. I can count how many times I have gone up higher without the input of at least one person. Those times are so few and I do not want to live with just few good stuff. I want to go up higher and faster but first I must learn to build, establish and cultivate productive relationships.

3. Carrying too much baggage

On your journey to the apex in your career, you will have to streamline. You are making a big mistake being everything, doing everything and trying to please everyone. It never really works anyway so why the waste? Begin to shed off things that are unnecessary. If you feel overwhelmed, you are probably doing too much.

Make these lists when you feel overwhelmed 

4. Getting involved in office drama

Every office has its own and if you never want to dread going to work, steer clear. The gossips, the politics, the scandals, all of it, steer clear. Sometimes they look very harmless for a start, these things will come back to bite you in the end. One rule you should abide by is never to bring personal issues into work stuff.

5. Burning bridges

People will offend you. Your dispatch rider will offend you, your boss will offend you, your colleague will, your employee will but you have to learn how to deal with all kinds of people without burning bridges. Except for when it is absolutely necessary, try to keep peace at both ends. This doesn’t mean you always have to keep on working with them or anything but even in your separation, be sure things are clear and there can be an easy access in future.

6. Flying solo

You will need help so don’t be afraid to ask for it. The best boss babes still ask for help. Some of them have mastered the act of delegating tasks to people. Some have learned how to ask for input, feedback, assistance. You can’t do it alone. Don’t ever think that flying solo will make you superhuman. It will drain you and destroy your productivity.

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7. Not looking the part

It doesn’t matter if you own just a very small shop, packaging will go a very long way. Don’t ever think that only you exist in your world. People watch, observe and learn. So look the part. Dress the part, talk the part and behave the part. If the HR always has issues with your dressing for instance, you might need to re-evaluate your personal branding as an adult.

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